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Highroad Entertainment The offices of HighRoad Entertainment literally tower above the sprawling Universal City Backlot. From their perch, independent producers David Salzberg and Christian Tureaud observe the bustle revolving around one of the many massive sound stages where cameras seemingly roll film nearly every day of the year (not including December).

"Producing at its very core is about overcoming the odds," comments Salzberg, President and co-founder of HighRoad. "If there is one truth almost all Hollywood producers will attest to regardless of their success, it's that there's no proven formula to producing a well-crafted and successful movie. Each project will inevitably contain it's own unique set of challenges long before the final prints reach their destination. But, with struggle comes reward."

Salzberg and Tureaud first met over a decade ago just as Salzberg was beginning a very successful run as an executive with Peter Guber at Mandalay Entertainment. Tureaud, living in New York at the time, was an acting CEO and at the forefront of the now booming sports technology business. Although both already individually successful, it wasn't long before they were discussing what at the time seemed to be as far fetched a dream as any, they dreamed of producing high quality feature films and sharing them with the world. "We both knew we wanted to contribute positively, collectively we both had a number of relationships that we knew would support us if we made the really came down to believing that there was an audience for the brand of pictures we wanted to create," says principal and co-founder Tureaud.

Now, with the upcoming release of their feature film The Perfect Game, a true story about the 57' Monterrey Little League champions, and the recent announcement of a Sports Division at HighRoad, it appears the producing duo has indeed found an audience.

"We have a great project about the first African-American owned open wheel race team, Silent Thunder. We have a fantastic script that was written and will be directed by our good friend Cheech Marin, Angel Of Oxnard. Our company goal is simple, to live up to the standards of the HighRoad name." says Tureaud.

"Dreaming is one thing," replies Salzberg. "Finding something that personally interests you is another, being able to apply those interest and live your dream is more than I could have imagined or hoped, yeah I'd say we're lucky guys."

- Jason French
P.O. Box 709
Hollywood 90078

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