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The Summer of Massacre

By Jade McKnight

Sick. Insane. Nauseating. Light. Colorful. Beautiful. Intriguing; all Seven of these adjectives have been used to describe Joe Castro's latest slasher film, "The Summer of Massacre." But who is the man behind the movie? After viewing the gruesome trailer for the film, I felt compelled understand what could possess someone to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most kills in one movie. To put it simply, the driving force behind this film is art.

The Summer of Massacre

Joe Castro hails from Helotes, Texas. Raised on a 44 acre goat ranch, Joe made all of his toys, and was not allowed to watch television. It was one day in 1977 when his father allowed him to watch Godzilla vs. Hedora (the Smog Monster) when he realized that he liked monsters, and special effects. The first motion picture that he ever watched was the one that changed his life. He knew at a young age that a career in special effects was in his future. Joe says that his major influences stem not only from directors like Herschell Gordon Lewis, Wes Craven, David Cronenberg, but also from the writings of Stephen King. However, he doesn't describe himself as a horror filmmaker. Castro describes himself as an artist, "I make movies," he says.

"The Summer of Massacre" came about as an anthology of slasher films. Castro wants to get as much work done before he dies, a common theme in the film as well. Because today's audience has such a short attention span, Castro wanted to make the slasher movie of all slasher movies. In fact, this film has the most kills than any other horror film, pending with the Guinness Book of World Records. While most of the gore is practical, large portions of the effects are computer generated. Castro says that this film's gore is no different from a video game, but it is not for those who have a weak stomach. While Castro understands that this film isn't for everyone, he mentioned that if any one of us were put in the same position as the killers in the film, we would do the same.

As a director, Joe Castro has paved the way for horror films to come. Now that he has completed "The Summer of Massacre," Castro wants to move into different genres. In his next film, he hopes to bridge the gap between the old and the new. He also would like to direct someone else's work, to help put someone's work into reality.

"The Summer of Massacre" is a film that takes an intense slasher film and turns it into a flamboyant outrageous work of art. Castro truly put his heart and soul into this movie, and the emotion is evident even in the trailer. If Castro's future films are as passionate as "The Summer of Massacre," his career has no end in sight.

More info and trailer, visit
P.O. Box 709
Hollywood 90078

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