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He asked God, "SHOW ME..."

We have all heard of God - The Creator, Shiva, The Sun King, The Maharajahs, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, Pierre Cartier and Harry Winston. But, this list is not complete. We need to add one more name - Shepherd Clark.

Shepherd Clark Shepherd - The Iceman and Jeweled Artist to be more specific.

Shepherd Clark the acclaimed international figure skating champion and artist whose jeweled creations know no bounds.

But, what does the list of historic characters and "Shepherd the Iceman" have in common? The Hope Diamond.

For those who may not know, The Hope Diamond is America's National Treasure, and the Centerpiece of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. This, the largest dark blue diamond in the world, is also the world's most valuable object relative to its weight and the most visited museum object. However, this famous jewel also carries an alleged curse that spans the globe for over 400 years!

Currently, Shepherd is the final individual in the story of the Hope Diamond. And without him, the legend is not complete. Shepherd, like those listed earlier, actually may claim ownership of the Hope Diamond!

Shepherd Clark

Above left: One of Shepherd's fabulous jewerly designs which is available for purchase.
Above right: Shepherd & Surya picture: Shepherd has skated around the world. He's pictured wearing a replica of the Hope Diamond with France's Surya Bonaly. She is the first world class skater of African descent and has skated in three Olympic competitions.

As a unique jeweler in history and one who dances upon a crystal in the glittering and glamorous jeweled sport of figure skating, Shepherd is known to wear real gems upon his costumes, Shepherd wields the Hope Diamond in a way that no other in this gem's story may claim. In fact, he owns something more valuable! Shepherd owns hope.

At one point in Shepherds life, he came close to death's door. He sought God for a way in which to use all he had ever loved for the rest of his life - to exceed anything he ever sought - even the Olympic Gold Medal!

He asked God, "SHOW ME." He was immediately inspired by a powerful Spirit of Hope. Shepherd sought to use all he ever loved in a way to the help the world's most neglected of people - children. He founded The Shepherd Hope Organization Worldwide (SHOW).

Shepherd Clark For those who may be doubtful, consider that Shepherd (his real first name), is also the name of the place in India called "Golconda," which is where the Hope Diamond was discovered. In addition, a shepherd-boy was the fist person to discover diamonds in South Africa. And, that shepherds, the lowliest of ancient occupations, factor into the history of great historic treasure discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as the birth of Jesus Christ. Known as the world's greatest jeweler, Harry Winston (1896-1978) shares a March 1st birthday with Shepherd. The neat coincidence and serendipity in Shepherd's story are staggering. His quest to create SHOW over seven years is also worthy of a feature film!

Shepherd, like Harry Winston, unites entertainment and retail to help businesses prosper. Currently a portion of the sales of Shepherd's innovative jewelry and art helps to save the lives of children in life-threatening poverty around the world.

Shepherd's emphasis as a jeweler is to adorn one's heart with light as he states, "Because, without light on the inside, the outside will not matter. Treasure gets its start in the heart. You see, gems reflect light, and so may we."

Publisher's Note: What's next for this man with many talents? We will follow him as he creates new footprints in history.

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