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Tickets, please! Are Good Seats Hard to Find?

Good Time Tickets How many times have you stood in line for an hour or more to buy tickets and when it's your turn at the window, you're told that the great seats have already been sold.

The "scalpers" standing in front of the theatre or stadium are often selling phony tickets! That's not good either - so we decided to find out how you can get those great seats. We asked Scott Goldberg, who specializes in event ticket sales for Good Time Tickets (GTT) in Hollywood...

Why is dealing with a ticket broker advisable?
We are able to secure great tickets for almost every venue imaginable. Since we opened our doors over 30 years ago, we have established ourselves as one the most reputable and reliable licensed ticket brokers in the United States and have contacts for hundreds of events worldwide.

What makes Good Time Tickets (GGT) different?
We carry our own inventory of premium seats for concerts, theatre, sporting events - even award shows worldwide. If you want tickets to a Hollywood concert, a Broadway show, sporting event, we can probably help you.

I know your office is in Hollywood. How do I get tickets to say, a New York City event, if I'm out of town?
We can establish an account for you, so getting tickets anywhere is no problem. They'll be at the box office or your hotel when you get there.

How do you get these great tickets?
I'm sorry to say that if I told you...I'd have to kill you.

Good Time Tickets
The Official Ticket Broker of InMag

Good Time Tickets has been LA's reliable source for entertainment tickets for over thirty years. Located on the Sunset Strip, Good Time Tickets offers an array of events that include, Award Shows, After Parties, Red Carpet Events and Movie Premiers. Next time you want to be entertained make Good Time Tickets your first call.


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