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Kristin Adams Kristin Adams, is a self-proclaimed "cosmetics junky," who found it virtually impossible to find beauty products that contained all natural ingredients. And, because of that she decided to start her own company in 2003. Now, in this highly competitive industry, more and more of those who have sensitive skin or allergic reaction to ingredients found in most makeup are discovering her Afterglow Cosmetics.

Afterglow is a full line of pure mineral cosmetics with simple ingredients - no paraben preservatives or synthetic dyes.

Coming from a generation that embraces the entire spectrum of color, Kristin wanted to create a line that was not only natural and toxin-free, but that also featured vibrant colors similar to those found in highly pigmented cosmetic lines. Afterglow Cosmetics provides an alternative to traditional chemical-based make-up while still providing the color palette that contemporary women crave.

Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics offers foundations for everyone from porcelain to ebony. Bronzers and blushes create that healthy glow, and a full range of lipsticks, glosses and lip-liners provide a sensuous pout. But it is their brilliant eye-shadows that set them apart from other mineral cosmetic lines. From the subtle golden sunrise of "Koi" to dramatic evening options like the hot purple "Detour," Afterglow Cosmetics has a shade for every occasion.
- Jill M. Williams

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