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ONE Multi-Treatment Facial Cream Created by Gail Johnson

Gail Johnson - One

In today's uncertain economy, every product used by the consumer had better deliver on two promises: perform as stated and be economical to use. No one has money to waste on ineffective or costly goods.

Gail Johnson - One The skincare industry is awash with expensive creams and lotions that don't live up to their advertising hype. Finally, there's a new product that actually works just like it says on it's box. The cream is ONE, by True Promise Beauty, Inc.

ONE is a comprehensive, all-in-ONE treatment that's a blend of vitamins, botanicals, amino acids and cosmeceuticals. These are the same vitamins and nutrients used topically on the skin that you should also be taking internally as daily supplements. ONE has two delivery systems: daytime instant gratification and nighttime long term beauty support.

Daytime: ONE instantly re-texturizes the skin by diminishing all surface lines and shrinking pores while leaving a matte finish to skin surface. Used as a primer before makeup, it keeps makeup fresh all day, while preventing cosmetics from settling in creases and pores. The skin is re-textured to a smoother finish. ONE is a super plumper, moisturizer that gives skin a fuller appearance while it decreases oily shine. ONE was formulated to also be worn as a powder alternative, by "pressing" it gently over makeup to give a matte finish without cakey powder buildup.

Nighttime: ONE is an instant facelift, worn all over face, neck, throat. ONE will firm, tone, lift and condition the skin as it helps your skin to strengthen. ONE helps guard against free radical damage and further skin degradation.

The cream is user friendly: ONE can be worn alone or used in conjunction with any of your favorite treatments and cosmetics. Because it's mostly natural, ONE is made for all skin types, ages and ethnicities. Men can wear it day and night as well. ONE is invisible, leaves a shine-free matte finish and can be used as an after shave to calm and strengthen skin.

All this in ONE product. I'd say that's smart as well as economical. And it works.

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