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Away with the Grey

By Donna Letterese

Many beauty products only seek to cover up problems. Robin Duner-Fenter was inspired to make a difference from the inside out. Alongside a team of scientists and enzyme specialists, he created a revolutionary supplement - GetAwayGrey it reverses grey hair naturally.

Fenter was initially turned onto this issue after reading conclusive findings made by the United Kingdom's University of Bradford. Scientists there discovered that what turned hair grey was actually a chemical - Hydrogen Peroxide. Fenter knew that Hydrogen Peroxide was a bleaching agent as it is often used to strip dark hair before dying it light. However, he was surprised to learn it also caused grey hair from within.

"What keeps hair its original color is an enzyme in the body called Catalase. Anyone with less grey hair has an abundance of Catalase, which is what breaks down Hydrogen Peroxide," Fenter explains. "Unfortunately, Catalase depletes as people get older. As cells break down, the aging human body produces free-radicals: one of which is Hydrogen Peroxide. Once there is nothing to offset the effects of Hydrogen Peroxide, grey hair begins to come in." After learning this, Fenter was convinced it would be possible to semi-turn back the clock with the proper enzyme treatments.

His next step was to team up with a doctor who specialized in enzyme development. After careful research, the GetAwayGrey team came upon Fungus Aspergillis Niger: an exotic plant found in the Amazon that provided the right chemical components to replicate Catalase. "This plant enzyme is the product's main ingredient," Fenter states. "However, the product's secondary ingredients have additional health benefits - and since the ingredients are all natural, they've all been shown to have no side effects." Folic Acid, Zinc, Pantothenic acid, Biotin, and Vitamin B6 promote better blood flow, thicker hair, and even a better metabolism. While a small percentage of people see no changes after taking the product, eighty percent see results in eight to twelve weeks, and roughly ten percent see results in thirteen to twenty-four weeks.

GetAwayGrey, like other hair care maintenance programs, must be used regularly. Instead of getting rid of existing gray hair, the product works by causing the hair's natural color to grow back in from the roots. To start the regimen, two capsules are taken directly after meals. It is a supplement that also must be taken for the rest of one's life, as the grey hair will return if the treatment is stopped. Without the constant stream of synthesized Catalase, nothing will combat the body's internal Hydrogen Peroxide.

Get Away Grey

Currently, GetAwayGrey can be purchased via the company website. By the end of the year, select retailers in the United States, Canada, and other international markets in Europe will also be carrying it. In the future, the GetAwayGrey team is open to the possibility of working with enzyme specialists to conduct clinical trials for interested parties whom have not had success with the product. For now, the primary focus is spreading the word. In two to three years, nutraceuticals will be far more mainstream in the health industry. Fenter's main goal is for the product to be fully exposed to the mass market by the time similar products have gained popularity.

Fenter is pleased to see more people looking for natural, non-toxic solutions to health issues. With scientific studies showing that supplements and vitamins can create real change in the body, it's becoming clear that they accomplish far more than mega-corporations in the mainstream health and beauty industries would have the public believe. Rob doesn't think anyone really wants to put chemicals on their hair, they simply have no choice. "We really want people to learn that there are healthier options out there," he smiles.

To learn more about the GetAwayGrey product, please go to

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