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Amy Weber: A Star on the Rise

An armed robber breaks into a diner filled with twelve ordinary people. The unsuspecting restaurant patrons are helplessly held at gunpoint, each faced with the very real threat of death. It is precisely at these moments of human drama when assumptions about faith and the existence of God are most challenged.

These real world themes are what attracted actor and executive producer Amy Weber to her latest film Crossroad. A clear departure from her typical sexy roles like "Porcelain Bidet" on Son of the Beach, or her girl next door characters on 7th Heaven and Saved by the Bell, Amy plays an unadorned waitress in the besieged diner. Originally asked to play a mistress, Amy instead took on the uncharacteristic role of an unglamourous diner waitress with no makeup and disheveled hair. Accepting unorthodox challenges is the typical style of Amy Weber. Actor, producer, model, ex-wrestler, Billboard charting singer, and more recently, mother of two, Amy has distinguished herself as a passionate polymath of the entertainment industry.

Amy Weber

Amy got her start in the entertainment industry after abandoning an unsatisfying college life in Florida. Following her ambitious dreams, Amy dropped out, took on three jobs and headed out to Los Angeles. "I'd rather take a chance and fail than live with regret. I lived in a hotel with a kitchenette, found some agents, and I haven't had a regular job since."

With no illusions about the "feast or famine" nature of show business, Amy began modeling and investing her money into houses and businesses. From this initial leap of faith spawned a decades long career that has allowed her see the world, including traveling to twelve countries in four years. Whether it was modeling for Shiseido cosmetics or playing seminal roles in soap operas, Amy learned the respective tricks of her trades, and whenever faced with the opportunity to creatively reinvent herself, she seized it.

Amy Weber

While owning and operating a modeling agency that boasted over 400 models, Amy was thrust into her most unconventional role yet. Persuaded by a booking agent to audition for World Wrestling Entertainment, she was serendipitously cast as a WWE Diva under the SmackDown! brand. "It was the closest thing to running away and joining the circus. I have mad respect for them. They go out there and put on a show, constantly on the road, it's a really difficult existence."

Amy Weber

Now a proud wife and mother of two, Amy has had to readjust her life. "As a cancer survivor, my kids are miracles. I had to move mountains to bring them into the world. The entertainment industry forces you to be selfish, but I know I have to put my kids and husband first now."

Recording her first tracks in the studio while pregnant, Amy reached unexpected success with "Let it Rain," the first single off of her album of the same name. With its initial success in the UK, "Let it Rain" soon ascended to the Billboard charts in the U.S. Amy has since released her latest single, "Dance of Life," with Grammy award winning producers Jackie Boyz.

With the intention of making people feel happy and uplifted through her music, as well as with the feeling that they are not alone through her work in film - Amy Weber continues to be a positive force in her current incarnation as a successful singer, thought-provoking actor/producer and passionate mom.

- Chris Caplan

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