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Claudia Lynx Claudia Lynx

This beautiful, 5' 10" Gemini was born in Tehran, Iran, and several months later, her family moved to Oslo, Norway. That's where her career began.

Three years later, she was at the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time!

Baby Claudia and her babysitter were waiting for her mother, a dental hygienist, to complete her work for the day. Another patient was waiting for her appointment with the dentist. She turned out to be Katrina Karingeborg, the casting director for a line of baby's products and was in search of the next "New Baby Face." Katrina was totally amazed by Claudia's personality and unbelievably adorable looks. She could not resist talking to Claudia and finally asked her mother if it would be possible to cast baby Claudia in an upcoming commercial for the diaper client. Her mother agreed and soon Claudia was known throughout Europe as "the adorable diapers baby." More commercials, television shows and film roles followed as a result of her newly found fame.

Claudia Lynx

At age five, her mother, father and older brother moved to Toronto where she continued her career as a child actress. At fifteen, she was discovered by a modeling agent and began modeling for clients such as Levi's and was also seen on countless magazine covers. Her acting career expanded to singing and, at age 20, her first CD, Shaghayegh, was released. Claudia became an immediate favorite world wide in the Persian community. The album raced to the top of the charts where it remained #1 for over a year!

Most recently, she has been receiving offers from producers living in Bombay, India, and England for India's beautiful "Bollywood" productions but as yet to accept any one of them.

She now lives in Los Angeles and continues her lifelong hobby of Martial Arts, which includes kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do. She loves roller-blading, swimming and ice skating. Claudia paints professionally but insists her true passion is acting. She constantly pursues excellence in this career through training and attending acting classes to expand her skills.

Claudia was recently featured on the September, 2004, cover of Magazine.

Her management's number is (818) 845-0270.

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