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Patrick Fischler If you watched any TV of note this past season, you probably caught actor Patrick Fischler's work as he guest starred on no less than seven prime-time shows. But it was his work on AMC's "Mad Men" as comic Jimmy Barrett followed by the one-two punch of playing Dharma Initiative member Phil on ABC's "Lost" and Detective Kenny No-Gun on NBC's "Southland," that has critics and new fans buzzing about the new father.

You've been in the business for years, but with three shows on at the same time, are you finding that more people recognize you? Yes. I am definitely finding that. It started with Mad Men and amped up intensely with LOST. They say, "Wait, didn't I just see you on..." and I think having LOST air on Wednesdays followed by Southland on Fridays. It's hard to escape getting recognized now.

Are you finding a marked difference between Lost fans who approach you and Mad Men or Southland fans?
Absolutely. LOST fans are a little more intense and I'd say Mad Men fans are a little more subdued. LOST fans all want to know what is going to happen next.

On Mad Men, the door was left open for your character to return. Do you know if your character might return?
If I did know, I couldn't say so!

Are you excited that Southland will be returning to NBC this Fall?
I'm very excited! It will be nice to have a place to call "home."

Tell us about your character on Southland?
His name is Kenny No-Gun and he is a detective in the gang unit. He is a little bit odd and often not included in everything. He is often taken for granted, but he is starting to prove himself as an excellent detective. The "No-Gun" part of his name will be explored next season and I'm excited to find out the reason behind it.

Did you do any research to play your character? Go on any ride-alongs?
I was filming LOST in Hawaii when they did all the ride-alongs, but I am going to do them this summer to prep for next season.

You recently welcomed a new baby into your family. How is life as a father?
Tiring, wonderful, tiring... at this point it feels sort of like a dream state, but I can tell I am going to love being a dad.

With your busy schedule, are you finding it difficult to be a "hands-on" father?
Luckily I returned from Hawaii in time for the birth of my daughter, Fia, and with Southland done shooting until the end of July, I have a couple of months to concentrate on my little girl, which is great.

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Hollywood, CA

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