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Remember Your Original Dream:
To Be a Star,
Not an Acting Student/Waiter

- Kellen Merrill

Paul Duddridge Have you ever asked yourself, "Why is that person famous? I can act better than that (expletive deleted)!" If you can already act, why haven't you made it yet? It might be because you've drifted off track, mystified by a magical smoke screen you've created around fame. In this intimidated state, "Actors are often hijacked by acting classes," says Paul Duddridge, a successful Agent for actors and comedians for over fifteen years in the United Kingdom.

There's the Acting Industry and the Movie Star Industry, Duddridge points out. Two separate arenas with the same players: actors who want to be famous. The majority get jobs they never wanted and take classes in hopes of being discovered soon. "Taking some acting classes can be beneficial," Paul says, "if you can find a good one." It can be like going to the gym, a part of what is helping you, but it can't be the only thing you are relying on to make you successful. The fact is, to be famous, you don't have to be the best actor.

The dominating message of the Acting Industry is that becoming famous is extremely difficult and lucky, so one must act differently, and pay up to be told how. People relying on a class to give them "star-power," will be disappointed. Often, actors reshape their acting for the worse in these classes, and then toil away at a menial job in the meantime, becoming all the more demoralized along the way. Countless actors have been misled and taken advantage of in this cycle. The desperation to be "discovered" becomes noticeable and can waste the auditions or interviews that do come by.

Paul says, acting famous is simply relating with potential employers on an equal plane with confidence, as opposed to being subservient and desperate. The engaging personality of the actor gets them famous. The majority of celebrities carry the room before they are well known, and so should you. Paul explains, "You don't need permission to be famous... If you want to be an actor, act like an actor; if you want to be an acting student, act like an acting student."

In his first two years in Hollywood, Paul has already worked with several notable rising stars. He has compiled his lessons into a proven plan for success: "Famous in 40 Days." It is two days of coaching from Paul on how to act like the boss; he teaches how to embody a star-mindset and have an attractive presence. He also advises people on how to make money by pursuing work that will stimulate them, keeping them feeling productive, so they exude that successful persona.

By removing the magic smoke screen, Paul helps you rediscover your original ambition, showing you how to be the confident, worthy personality that made you want to be famous in the first place.

You can hear an overview of the program from Paul Duddridge himself. He is offering a free speaking engagement on February 25, 2009 at The Promenade Playhouse in Santa Monica, CA.

For more details and ticket information, go to: .

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