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Rachel Bailit

Rachel Bailit Rachel Bailit, just a nice Jewish girl from New England, began her show business career as a broadcast journalist major, something her doctor father could readily accept. As a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed college intern, Rachel handled numerous reporting assignments for television networks in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C., most notably producing and directing Making the Difference, a film for Bill Clinton's reelection campaign. Ultimately, Rachel left journalism for funnier and less secure pastures when she discovered that the Fourth Estate offered precious little opportunity to exploit her natural comedic gifts and her oft-mentioned resemblance to Carol Burnett.

Encouraged and inspired to take the risk, Rachel moved across the country to pursue a career in acting. Rachel (and tens of thousands of other girls) relocated to Los Angeles to seek her fortune and to test the limits of her parents' acceptance, love, and support. Rachel has trained rigorously at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles for five years. Along with The Method, Rachel has studied Greek comedy and drama, Shakespeare, and Restoration. Rachel also honed her comic skills, learning improv with Second City and training extensively in sketch and physical comedy.

Juggling classes, odd jobs, her (wildly uneven and fruitlessly eventful) social life, and long distance family drama with her burgeoning career, Rachel has managed to compile quite a resume: her film credit highlights include Festival In Cannes with Greta Scacchi and directed by Henry Jaglom.

Rachel acted alongside Jim Carrey in Ron Howard's, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and was cast in Romy's and Michele's High School Reunion opposite Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino.

Rachel starred in the independent feature God and Art which debuted at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles. She also starred in (the ironically difficult to find) Without a Map directed by Peter Turman and Lucky Peach directed by Miguel Arteta (The Good Girl).

Rachel's television credits include the reccurring role of Marissa on General Hospital and a recent (and revealing) guest spot on NYPD Blue. Least glamorously but most lucratively, Rachel has appeared in numerous national commercial campaigns for McDonalds, Arby's, Dodge, US West, and Heineken.

Rachel is currently workshopping a production for Sugar Happens: A One-Girl Show at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute under the direction of David Lee Strasberg. The show was written especially for Rachel by Sherry Coben, the creator of Kate & Allie. This bracingly honest, heartfelt and witty comedy revisits Rachel's unique personal journey from Nowhere to Almost-There, celebrating the trials and triumphs of a Struggling Actress doing her damnedest to become a Successful Actress.

This past year, Rachael has performed her one-woman show, "Sugar Happens," at several L.A. venues as well as in New York City. The show continues to get great acclaim.

Most recently,she is featured in a web series called Vamps Next Door. And, even more recently, she had her clothing stylist, a makeup artist and a photographer and went on a photo shoot. With the assistance of the publishing staff at IN Hollywood Magazine/, she now has the initial pages of her new "look-book" which she hopes you will enjoy.

Rachel Bailit

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