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Aldara Ortega's Liquid Project

By: Justin Soliva

Aldara Ortega, jet setting fashion model, intrigues the world with more than her stunning looks, and vibrant personality, but with her gifted perspective as an art photographer. Not many people are skilled to handle the vision and hard work of being a tasteful photographer, but Aldara is the exception; being a natural, both in front and behind the lens.

Aldara Ortega

Aldara began her professional career as a fashion model, discovered by a friend's mother who worked in the modeling industry. Although she loved the ability to travel and see the world as a model, she longed for the ability to finish her schooling. At the time, Aldara was a keen art student, studying at the university in Madrid. Bent on finishing her studies, she put aside her modeling career in order to deepen her knowledge as an artist. After graduating she stepped into the world of fashion design, with her focus on the female form, which is a reoccurring theme throughout her artistic career.

Flash forward to today, Aldara has returned to the modeling profession as the means to fuel her artistic ambitions at large. She moved to the states exploring major cities from Chicago to Miami, finally settling down in New York. She found the fast pace lifestyle and relationships with people from all around the world appealing, after getting over the snow of course. Seeing the demand for her work as a model gave her more economic leverage towards her artistic aspirations, guiding her to both model and pursue her creative passions.

Beginning with paint and other mixed media, Aldara started an art series called Somos Aguas (2010), she began to play with the visual textures that water creates and applied it to the female form composing incredible surreal images. That concept was amplified when she saw an acrobat perform on "silk" linen in various graceful poses at an art show. She immediately asked to photograph her, thus the birth of her Liquid Project.

Aldara Ortega - Liquid Project

Liquid Project consists of photos taken in the ocean and other bodies of water, where she captures the unique refractions produced by the water as well as the near weightlessness of 20 meters of fabric under water, resulting in an overall ethereal moment captured that "looks like an old painting" and a desert like essence. Astonishingly, the project was completed in two days without any hiccups other than lengths of textile dripping dye; a small expense for such brilliant results. A victory given the technical requirements associated with shooting under water.

"You never know what's going to happen," explains Aldara, who takes on the challenges of shooting in rough environments such as the ocean in stride, explains. The result are these natural filters created by the particulates floating in the ocean. She shoots by natural light to maintain the integrity of her vision.

Aldara plans to pursue a further study in water by seeing how paint behaves in the water with her subject which is typically female. She wants to expand to shooting couple interactions in the water as well. Her next installment will be called Aqua Viva.

You can see her art work at her website: www.aloarts.com.

Hollywood, CA

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