20th Anniversary

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Notable Moments of Women in Music

Zingers for Everyone
Zingers for Everyone

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Well-Planned Chaos:
Interview with P.D. Blackwell

Chaos Rising by P.D. Blackwell Chaos Rising and The Rhysu Alternative from the Erstallius Chronicles are the latest works from theologian and sci-fi writer, P.D. Blackwell.

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The Unexpected Author:
Interview with John Steven Welch

The One Who's Gonna See You Through by John Steven Welch The One Who's Gonna See You Through is the fictional literature debut by former museum educator and administrator, John Steven Welch.

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The Road to Healing and Redemption:
Interview with Tom Harrison

From Punishment to Peace by Tom Harrison From Punishment to Peace: Road Trips to Forgiveness, by Tom Harrison, is a memoir directly resonant with the author and his hometown of Memphis.

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The Intersection of Technology
and the Human Experience
with Afarin Bellisario

Afarin Bellisario We talk with Afarin Bellisario about early life in Iran, her educational journey, and the technology career that led to her book, Silent Whispers.

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Food for Thought Interview
With Petronella Ravenshear

The Human Being Diet by Petronella Ravenshear Petronella Ravenshear is a wildly successful nutritionist with a proven-effective nutritional program, The Human Being Diet, now in its second edition.

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Natural Eternal Consciousness
With Bryon K. Ehlmann

A Natural Afterlife Discovered by Bryon Ehlmann In this conversation with Bryon Ehlmann, we explore his book, A Natural Afterlife Discovered, and his groundbreaking NEC (Natural Eternal Consciousness) theory.

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Conversation With an Author and His Camel
Interview with Paul George

The First Camel in Space by Paul George We sat down with 7-year-old Paul George to discuss his first book, The First Camel in Space, that he both wrote and illustrated.

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Gone For a Bit, But Here to Stay

Gone In A Bit by Tyvonne Conrad In his book, ;Gone In A Bit, Tyvonne Conrad embraces full transparency as he shares his mental health journey after being diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2021.

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Breaking the Cycle of
Multi-Generational Trauma
With Sarah Hummell

Entangled in Blue by Sarah Hummell Sarah Hummell talks about her book, Entangled in Blue, struggling with Dyslexia, and her father's post-traumatic stress from the Vietnam War.

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The Power of Storytelling
With Mark David Gerson

The MoonQuest by Mark David Gerson This interview with Mark David Gerson about his latest novel, The MoonQuest, explores self-expression, storytelling, and the creativity at the heart of his writing.

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The Soul of Work:
Interview with Jo-Ann Triner

Soulful Work 2.0: Powered by Inner-Person Potential by Jo-Ann Triner Jo-Ann Triner's book, Soulful Work 2.0: Powered by Inner-Person Potential, emphasizes honoring your soul's calling to find meaningful work.

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Still Rolling:
Interview with Dwight Little

Still Rolling: Inside the Hollywood Dream Factory by Dwight Little Still Rolling: Inside the Hollywood Dream Factory, is a treasure trove of anecdotes and experiences by film and TV director Dwight Little.

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Growing Up O'Malley:
Interview with Fran Fisher

Growing Up O'Malley by Mary Frances Fisher The second novel by Mary Frances Fisher, Growing Up O'Malley, is a historical novel based on stories passed down through the generations.

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The Bigfoot and the Writer:
Interview With Frank Giammanco

Lord of the Wood by Frank Giammanco The debut novel by seasoned publisher turned author, Frank Giammanco, is titled, Lord of the Wood, and centers around the mythical Sasquatch.

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When Justice is Clouded by Politics:
Interview with Dr. Joseph Russomanno

The Secret World of Children by Meri Wallace The Stench of Politics: Polarization and Worldview on the Supreme Court by Dr. Joseph Russomanno addresses the inherent flaws in the Supreme Court justice system.

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The Family Whisperer:
Interview With Meri Wallace

The Stench of Politics by Dr. Joseph Russomanno The Secret World of Children, by Meri Wallace, is a necessity for adults seeking to understand the psychology behind problematic or challenging behavior in kids.

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Unsettling Boundaries:
Interview with Gilberto Rosas

Unsettling: The El Paso Massacre, Resurgent White Nationalism, and the US-Mexico Border by Gilberto Rosas Gilberto Rosas discusses mass shootings, border crossings, and more, in his book, Unsettling: The El Paso Massacre, Resurgent White Nationalism, and the US-Mexico Border.

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The Power of Storytelling
With Berekti Girmay

My Two Guardians by Berekti Kinfe Girmay The debut book collection by Berekti Girmay features five magical tales that celebrate the power of family bonds and childhood development.

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Unboxing Everything:
Interview with MeShorn Daniels

I Am Not Your Black, America by MeShorn Daniels The debut book, I Am Not Your Black, America, by Army veteran-turned-surgical technician MeShorn Daniels reflects his unrelenting refusal to be labeled.

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Interview with Author Kam Majd

High Wire by Kam Majd High Wire is the latest suspense novel by Kam Majd about a pilot, Kate Gallagher, who faces a riveting situation when the computer controlling her plane gets a virus.

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Everything That Belonged to Her:
Interview with Saborna Roychowdhury

Everything Here Belongs to You by Saborna Roychowdhury Author Saborna Roychowdhury used the house in Kolkata, India where she grew up as the backdrop for her novel, Everything Here Belongs to You.

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Leave the Little Light On
With Sonia Palleck

Leave the Little Light On, Book One: Windsor by Sonia Palleck Leave the Little Light On, Book One: Windsor by Sonia Palleck is a beautiful exploration of love, healing, and mustering up the courage to find the light within us and follow it.

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Interview with Kay Oliver

Road to Elysium by Kay Oliver Road to Elysium is the newest novel by Kay Oliver that is inspired by true events and addresses topics relevant in today's social and political atmosphere.

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The Intersection of Humanity and Technology:
Interview with Steve Bates

Castle of Sand by Steve Bates Science-fiction novel, Castle of Sand, by award-winning author and journalist Steve Bates, tackles many questions about AI (artificial intelligence).

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50 First Takes:
Interview with Jared Cohn

50 Movies Made: Lessons Learned on a Filmmaker's Journey by Jared Cohn 50 Movies Made: Lessons Learned on a Filmmaker's Journey, by Jared Cohn chronicles his path from a New York actor to his thriving career as a Hollywood director.

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Otto's Choice:
Interview with Dr. Otto Stallworth

Are You a N****R a Doctor? by Otto Stallworth MD In is memoir, Are You a N****R or a Doctor?, Dr. Otto Stallworth gives a glimpse of the personal obstacles he overcame in his extraordinary life.

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Interview with Entrepreneur
and Author Brian Collins

Step Off the Porch and Start Your Own Business by Brian Collins Step Off the Porch and Start Your Own Business by entrepreneur Brian Collins shares how he started four successful businesses in four different arenas.

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Making Anxiety an Ally
with Psychotherapist and Author
Natalie Kohlhaas

Hello Anxiety, My Old Friend by Natalie Kohlhaas Hello Anxiety, My Old Friend is the latest book by psychotherapist Natalie Kohlhaas that offers ways to make anxiety an asset and friend.

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When Truth Meets Fiction:
Interview with Ian A. O'Connor

The Pegasus Directive by Ian O'Connor The latest book by retired Air Force colonel Ian O'Connor, The Pegasus Directive, is a clever re-imagining of one of history's most shocking events.

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The Starway to Heaven:
Interview with Francis T. Perry Williams

Saving Christ: Starway Seven by Francis T. Perry Williams Francis T. Perry Williams is not a theologian but his religious science-fiction novel, Saving Christ: Starway Seven, is literally in a category of its own.

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The Intersection of Coffee and Creativity:
Interview with Rachel Harty

Coffee, A Sip for You and Me by Rachel Harty The maiden book by Rachel Harty, Coffee, A Sip for You and Me, is a collection of poetry that is this generation's quintessential coffee book.

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Moneyless Society: The Next Economic Evolution
With Matthew Holten

Moneyless Society: The Next Economic Evolution by Matthew Holten Matthew Holten shares his vision of people having access to all the necessities of life and more, in his book, Moneyless Society: The Next Economic Evolution.

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Understanding Legacy With Patrick Asare

The Boy From Boadua by Patrick Asare The Boy From Boadua by Patrick Asare recounts his struggles growing up in the Ghanaian village of Boadua and his journey to university in the Soviet Union and America.

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Interview with Author Jass Aujla

Next of Twin by Jass Aujla Author Jass Aujla used her commute time on the train to pursue a personal dream of hers to write her debut novel, Next of Twin.

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The 14-Year Miracle in the Making:
Interview with David Smith MD

When Heads Come Together by David Smith MD When Heads Come Together by David Smith, MD, details a life-changing solution to protect against traumatic brain injuries before they occur.

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Interview with Author Tom Norris

A Fresh Cup of Tolerance by Tom Norris A Fresh Cup of Tolerance is the latest book by Tom Norris that outlines the ideals behind the Universalism movement and why it's relevant.

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Interview with Leonie Althea,
Author of "How Rice Met Peas"

How Rice Met Peas by Leonie Althea Leonie Althea is the Jamaican-American author of How Rice Met Peas, an interactive children's book about Jamaican culture that everyone can enjoy.

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From Dumbbells to Diamonds to Trailblazer:
Interview with Bob Cheek

Dumbbells to Diamonds by Bob Cheek Dumbbells to Diamonds by Bob Cheek chronicles his career as a professional footballer, politician, journalist, and successful fitness club owner.

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Fighting for Hope with Dawn M. Blair

Me and Mr. Monks by Dawn Blair Dawn Blair shares her biggest hope for people trying to overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances in her new book, Me and Mr. Monks.

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From American Idol to
Children's Book Author

I Believe in Me, Do You Believe in You by Christina Christian Cewe I Believe in Me, Do You Believe in You is the first children's book by Christina Christian Cewe that teaches kids to believe in their own ability.

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How David Richards Discovered
How to Bloom Where Planted

Love Letters To The Virgin Mary by David Richards Love Letters To The Virgin Mary by David Richards follows a man who lost everything and finds the inspiration to rebuild his life from an unusual source.

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The Able Trailblazer:
Interview with Brian Morra

The Able Archers by Brian Morra The Able Archers, by former intelligence officer Brian Morra, is based on his real-life experiences as a participant in the closely avoided nuclear Armageddon of 1983.

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From Humble Beginnings to Luxury Living:
Interview With Deepak Ohri

A Bridge Not Too Far: Where Creativity Meets Innovation by Deepak Ohri Deepak Ohri is the CEO of lebua Hotels and Resorts, a global collection of 5-Star hotels and restaurants. His first book is A Bridge Not Too Far: Where Creativity Meets Innovation.

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Sunrise to Sunset:
Interview with Patrick Greenwood

Sunrise in Saigon by Patrick Greenwood Sunrise in Saigon marries Patrick Greenwood's expertise and life experiences as a military veteran and information technologist in this suspenseful thriller.

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Mingling with Royalty:
Interview with Eric Sande

The Real King of Miami by Eric Sande Eric Sande's book, aptly titled, The Real King of Miami, narrates a journey so outrageous it has been deemed the "Scarface" of the 21st Century.

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Stan and Deliver:
Interview with Dr. Stanley Berry

A Fight For Full Disclosure by Stanley M. Berry A Fight For Full Disclosure is Dr. Stanley Berry's first novel that draws from his medical expertise and over 38 years in the practice of obstetrics.

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Interview with Lea Rachel

Seeking Forgiveness by Lea Rachel Lea Rachel's novel, Seeking Forgiveness, is an intimate narrative on a white mother's adoption journey with her Black son, which mirrors the author's personal experiences.

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Un-silencing of the Lamb:
Interview with MahanKirn Khalsa

MahanKirn Khalsa - Queen of Myself MahanKirn is an expert healer, master yogi, and trailblazing activist, and her story is accessible to everyone through her book, Queen of Myself: A Women's Journey from Sexual Slavery to Radical Forgiveness.

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Flight and Fight:
Interview with Cammie Wolf Rice

The Flight: My Opioid Journey by Cammie Wolf Rice In her book, The Flight: My Opioid Journey, Cammie Wolf Rice chronicles her son's tragic opioid overdose and her dedication to help others.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:
Interview with Angela Orams

Sneaky Sophie and the Token Fairy by Angela Orams The children's book, Sneaky Sophie and the Token Fairy, by author and screenwriter Angela Orams is a reminder of the importance of kindness and selflessness.

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When Entertainment Meets Soul Searching:
Interview with Justin DiPego

Wrong Side of a Workingman by Justin DiPego Wrong Side of a Workingman is the latest book by Justin DiPego about a man who has to right the balance of 10 places in Los Angeles to lift his curse.

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Angel in America:
Interview with Ivania Inyange

Far Away From My Roots by Ivania Inyange Ivania Inyange's memoir, Far Away From My Roots: I ventured into The Land of Plenty, Pleasure, and Prejudice, carries the history of a nation on her back.

full story

Changes in Currency:
Interview with Shanon Lyn Harwood

Currency by Shanon Lyn Harwood Shanon Lyn Harwood is an author, teacher, and shaman based in Alberta, Canada, and her teachings are accessible to the world through her new book Currency.

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Lessons and Legacies:
Interview with Dr. Joanne Intrator

Dr. Joanne Intrator - Author of Summons to Berlin Summons to Berlin by Dr. Joanne Intrator details her quest to seek restitution for a family property in Germany seized by Nazis near the start of World War II.

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An Examined Life:
Interview with Perry Cockerell

Texas Jurist: The Life, Law and Legacy of B. D. Tarlton by Perry Cockerell Texas Jurist: The Life, Law and Legacy of B. D. Tarlton, is the latest work by litigator Perry Cockerell that examines Fort Worth's first chief justice navigating judicial politics and life and death circumstances.

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Medical Mythbuster:
Interview with Dr. J. David Prologo

The Catching Point Transformation by Dr. J. David Prologo, MD Dr. J. David Prologo has training in obesity medicine and his book The Catching Point Transformation addresses failed weight-loss techniques and details how people can easily reach a healthy lifestyle.

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Frequencies of Dreams:
Interview with Aaron Mostow and Kevin Flores

Love Hertz Book by Aaron Mostow, Kevin Flores, and Rodolfo Tagle III Love Hertz, by Aaron Mostow, Kevin Flores, and Rodolfo Tagle III is the story of a DJ who discovers an electronic frequency that influences his career and love life.

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Holistic Hope:
Interview with Jason Boyce

Chronic Fatigue Gone by Jason Boyce In his book, Chronic Fatigue Gone, Jason Boyce provides comprehensive solutions to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome and Long COVID symptoms.

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The Ultimate Student Advocate:
Interview with Betty Blackmon

Guide to Effective Skills for Online Student Success by Betty Blackmon A passionate educator and life-long mentor, Betty Blackmon's book, Guide to Effective Skills for Online Student Success, is not only an indispensable tool for right here and now, but indefinitely.

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Tell us about Starless, Starless Nights.

Starless, Starless Nights by Eric Guille Starless, Starless Nights by Eric Guille is the story of 12-year old LD Starr with extraterrestrial roots growing up after World War II on North Carolina's southernmost barrier island.

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Tied Together with Magic:
Interview with Brian Fence

Librarian - Lenna's Arc - by Brian Fence Brian Fence is a writer of fantasy and science fiction works, short stories, and poetry. His upcoming book Freewoman is the final segment of his Lenna's Arc fantasy series.

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Let There Be Light:
Interview with Lora DeVore

Darkness Was My Candle - An Odyssey of Survival and Grace by Lora DeVore Lora DeVore's autobiography, Darkness Was My Candle: An Odyssey of Survival and Grace, is a journey through unspeakable horrors, but (most importantly) the unparalleled strength and tenacity of one woman's spirit.

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Chasing Courage:
Interview with Anastasia McIntosh

Chase the Girl by Anastasia McIntosh Anastasia McIntosh, author of the coming-of-age novel Chase the Girl, not only writes about fearless women, as a correctional officer she is one.

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Finding Bliss in the Roads Less Traveled:
Interview with Sarah Burns

Cookesville, U.S.A. by Sarah C Burns Author and historian Sarah Burns tells the story of wealth, crime, and cover up, in her book about the big small town, Cookesville, U.S.A.

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Hope Personified:
Interview with Dr. Shelley McIntosh

Memoir of a Black Christian Nationalist: Seeds of Liberation by Dr. Shelley McIntosh Dr. Shelley McIntosh's latest book, 'Memoir of a Black Christian Nationalist: Seeds of Liberation,' offers a much-needed guiding light to a world desperately trying to swim its way out of dark, murky uncertainty.

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The Secret of
"The Last Roman"

The Last Roman - Exile by BK Greenwood BK Greenwood draws on various time periods and cultures to create a three-part book series called "The Last Roman" about a time traveling protagonist forced to deal with his immortal condition.

full story

Touched by an Angel:
Interview with Dr. Edward Tick

Coming Home in Viet Nam by Dr. Edward Tick Dr. Edward Tick is a successful therapist and healer specializing in treating veterans living with PTSD. Coming Home in Viet Nam is his 3rd book of poetry and 7th book in total.

full story

Strength in Vulnerability
With Aundrea DeMille

Is It Racism? How to Heal the Human Divide by Aundrea DeMille We talked with Aundrea DeMille about her new book, Is It Racism? How to Heal the Human Divide, and how it is bringing people together by healing our biases.

full story

Conversation with a Nihilist

Science and Beyond by Rolf Sattler In his new book, LA Freak, author and artist Elisha Shapiro chronicles stories of being an artist and resident in Los Angeles and the city itself from his lens.

full story

Rolf Sattler Discusses
Science and Beyond

Science and Beyond by Rolf Sattler In his new book, Science and Beyond, author and Professor Emeritus Rolf Sattler is passionate about elucidating the limitations and misconceptions of science.

full story

David Towner on Writing in the Military
and Mainstream Superheroes

Aztec Warrior God by David Towner Interview with graphic novelist David Towner about the military, his perspective on mainstream superheroes, and the writing process for his book Aztec Warrior God.

full story

A Man and His Muffin:
Interview with Steve Marks

The Muffin Man Chronicles by Steve Marks In his book, The Muffin Man Chronicles, Steve Marks narrates how his empire began at a sheriff's real estate auction and the brilliant idea to start a business that would be rooted in muffins.

full story

The Epic Author:
Interview With J. W. Zarek

The Devil Pulls the Strings by J.W. Zarek J. W. Zarek is a disabled veteran, former FBI adjudicator, and award-winning, best-selling author. His latest book is, The Devil Pulls the Strings.

full story

Dr. Pamela Steiner on Collective Trauma

Collective Trauma and the Armenian Genocide by Dr. Pamela Steiner Dr. Pamela Steiner is a senior fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health and author of Collective Trauma and the Armenian Genocide: Armenian, Turkish, and Azerbaijani Relations Since 1839.

full story

Interview With Marilyn Carroll, Student Whisperer

Diary of an Online Professor by Dr. Marilyn Carroll, Ph.D. Diary of an Online Professor is the most recent book by business professor, prolific author, and voracious learner, Dr. Marilyn Carroll, Ph.D.

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Understanding Humanity:
Interview with Richard Lettieri

Decoding Madness by Richard Lettieri Richard Lettieri is a renowned neuropsychologist and psychoanalyst whose book, Decoding Madness, explores how compassion, justice, and psychology can work together.

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The Road to Freedom:
An Interview with Naz Meknat

7000 Miles to Freedom by Naz Meknat In her memoir, 7000 Miles to Freedom, Naz Meknat tells of her journey from persecution and abuse in her native Iran to her rise as a Hollywood stylist.

full story

The Quintessential Hollywood Dream Come True:
Interview with Matt DeBoer

Until Tomorrow Little People by Matt DeBoer Matt DeBoer's book, Until Tomorrow...Little People, chronicles how his family's Hollywood fantasy turned successful, proving reality is more fascinating than fiction.

full story

The Guiding Light of a North Star:
Interview with Habiba Jessica Zaman

Beautifully Bare, Undeniably You by Habiba Jessica Zaman Trauma counselor Habiba Jessica Zaman talks about her practice, North Star of Georgia Counseling, and her first book, Beautifully Bare, Undeniably You.

full story

Convicted of Inspiration:
Interview with Shane Flemens

Conviction by Shane Flemens Author Shane Flemens' books, Conviction and Deep Conviction, aptly hold double meanings. In 2008, he was convicted of first-degree assault and served a decade in various prisons in Alaska and Colorado.

full story

Friends Like Jim Irving

Friends Like These by Jim Irving A successful lawyer with experience as a private investigator, Jim Irving's first book, Friends Like These, is the starting point for a mystery series.

full story

The Reason to Start Asking What
Instead of Why with Stephen Nalley

Relentless Pursuit by Stephen Nalley Stephen Nalley served in the U.S. Military, received a Masters, Doctorate, Law Degree, and operated 66 companies before writing his novel Relentless Pursuit.

full story

Surpassing Mere Entertainment:
Interview with Davis MacDonald

The Cruise by Davis MacDonald Davis MacDonald is an attorney, investment banker, law professor, and novelist who has penned eight mystery thrillers, including The Cruise, all drawing upon his real-life experiences in the legal field.

full story

Navigating Through Life's Hoops:
Interview with Marvin Williams

Secondary Break: An NBA Dad's Story by Marvin Williams Sr. The father of professional NBA player Marvin Williams Jr., Marvin Williams Sr. strives to inspire in his autobiography, Secondary Break: An NBA Dad's Story.

full story

It Began in Brooklyn for Vito Altavilla

It Began in Brooklyn by Vito Altavilla It Began in Brooklyn, Vito Altavilla's freshman novel, chronicles the comical and the poignant moments that peppered his childhood, adolescence, and adulthood beginning in the 1940s.

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Prine's Time

John Prine One Song at a Time by Bruce Rits Gilbert Bruce Rits Gilbert's book, John Prine One Song at a Time, chronicles Prine's seminal works and pays homage to his talents as a singer and songwriter.

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Expert of Many Trades, Jack of None:
Interview with Steve Daily, Ph.D.

Ellen G. White - A Psychobiography by Steve Daily Therapist, pastor, and author Steve Daily wrote his groundbreaking book, Ellen G. White - A Psychobiography, which serves to debunk the very fundamentals of Adventism.

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David Rundell:
A Shining Example of Dedicating to Your Life's Work

Vision or Mirage: Saudi Arabia at the Crossroads by David Rundell We interview David Rundell, and talk about how he got into his field and what it was like writing his book, Vision or Mirage: Saudi Arabia at the Crossroads.

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The Unexpected Author:
Interview with Thomas Fargnoli

The Deacon - An Unexpected Life by Thomas Fargnoli "The Deacon - An Unexpected Life" by Thomas Fargnoli transforms years of grieving and devastation about the loss of his wife of 40 years into a novel designed to reach those yearning to be heard and loved.

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John F. Tanner's Bombshell

Bombshell in the Barrio, by John F. Tanner "Bombshell in the Barrio," written by former Austin High School Principal John F. Tanner, details a scandal that unfolded in 2010, in El Paso Texas, when he and four other colleagues were accused of a series of allegations.

full story

Julia Sullivan's Bone Necklace

Julia Sullivan - Author of Bone Necklace For Julia Sullivan, attorney and author of Bone Necklace, pursuing a career in law was always in the cards, until she decided to try her hand at historical fiction.

full story

What A Girl To Do When Life Throws A Curveball? by Kumari Kanchanji In her new book, 'What A Girl To Do When Life Throws A Curveball?' Kumari Kanchanji shows readers what an ambitious, intelligent, hard-working woman can accomplish.

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Creative Multi-Hyphenate Marina Makaron

Winter of the Wolf By Martha Hunt Handler In her new book, Mashka and Mishka: Get Trapped in a Rainbow, Marina Marina brings important topics to the forefront of tomorrow's leader's minds: children.

full story

A Conversation With
Martha Hunter Handler

Winter of the Wolf By Martha Hunt Handler Martha Hunt Handler has a strong inner foundation and a unique gift that she recognized as a young child. Her debut novel is Winter of the Wolf.

full story

A Beacon of Light During Dark Times:
Interview with Dr. Paul Kaloostian aka Dr. Paul

Dr. Paul Kaloostian - The Young Neurosurgeon: Lessons From My Patient Los Angeles Neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Kaloostian discusses his books, The Young Neurosurgeon: Lessons From My Patient and My Surgical Cases Told in Poems.

full story

Amy Herrig's Long & Winding Road

No More Dodging Bullets book by Amy Herrig Amy Herrig was facing the possibility of a lifetime in prison and a cancer diagnosis. Her book, 'No More Dodging Bullets' is a chance for others to connect to her words and vulnerability.

full story

Sybil Estess's Mississippi Milkwater

Sybil Estess - Author of Mississippi Milkwater: Found and Lost in the Twentieth State In her debut memoir, 'Mississippi Milkwater: Found and Lost in the Twentieth State,' Sybil Estess explores the primitive side of human beings, including staying at her grandmother's with no running water or electricity.

full story

Theresa Dominguez-Weiss:
The Woman Who Traveled Between Worlds

Deathwalker - Journeys of Life, Death and Beyond book by Theresa Dominquez-Weiss 'Deathwalker - Journeys of Life, Death and Beyond' is the debut book by multi-faceted author, nurse, and metaphysician Theresa Dominquez-Weiss.

full story

How Losing One's Mind
Can Help You Find Yourself

How I Lost My Mind and Found Myself book by David Rabadi LGBTQ and mental illness advocate, David Rabadi, talks about how pain can be transformed into beauty in his book, How I Lost My Mind and Found Myself.

full story

Uma Vanka's Secrets to Rosckstardom

I Am a Rockstar book by Uma Vanka Author and IT leader Uma Vanka shares tools and advice for success in his book, 'I Am a Rockstar,' in a straightforward and easily digestible way. The children's version, 'I Am a Little Rockstar,' should be out later in the year.

full story

Pulling the Ripcord:
Interview with Author Tom Sawyer

Ripcord Recovery by Tom Sawyer Ripcord Recovery chronicles the personal navigation toward complete sobriety of counselor and corporate accountant-turned-writer Tom Sawyer.

full story

No Substitute for Laura Moss White

Mrs. White's Sub Snips book by Laura Moss White An educator for over two and a half decades, Laura Moss White's first book, Mrs. White's Sub Snips, is an eye-opening journey into the hidden and often underappreciated world of substitute teaching.

full story

When Silence Is Not An Option:
Interview with Iram Gilani

Silent No More: An Intimate Portrait of How Trauma Affects Us All by Iram Gilani Iram Gilani's's uplifting memoir, Silent No More: An Intimate Portrait of How Trauma Affects Us All, chronicles the brutally traumatic early stages of her life and its transformation into relentless courage and hope.

full story

When Art Has Always Been Life:
Interview with Frederick Schofield

The Boardwalkers by Frederick Schofield Frederick Schofield's life is what thrillers aspire to be, and the lawyer-turned-author has two novels out - The Boardwalkers and A Run to Hell.

full story

Uncovering the Truth in Plain Sight -
Interview with Micah Dank

Beyond the Higher Ground Novel by Thomas Brigger Micah Dank's new book, Into the Rabbit Hole, is a thriller that combines the esoteric arts with astrology and theology. It is the first in a six-book series.

full story

Onto Brigger and Brighter Things:
Interview with Thomas Brigger

Beyond the Higher Ground Novel by Thomas Brigger To be a voice for the voiceless and forgotten is what entrepreneur-turned-writer Thomas Brigger has done in his first (but not last) novel Beyond the Higher Ground.

full story

Beacon of Light in a Time of Darkness

From Rubble to Champagne by Vivianne Knebel In her memoir, 'From Rubble to Champagne,' Vivianne Knebel courageously shares her story with the bravery that she has sustained her entire life.

full story

Historically and Politically Correct -
Interview with Elliot Mason

The Arlington Order by Eliiot Mason Eliiot Mason's first novel, The Arlington Orders, is a historical fiction that blends blockbuster thriller with philosophical introspection.

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The Messenger of Good News
The Caregiver's Bible
by Kristal Glover-Wing

The Caregiver's Bible by Kristal Glover-Wing The Caregiver's Bible by Kristal Glover-Wing, is the ultimate guide for those caring for loved ones and originates from her own extensive career as a medical care provider.

full story

Zena Livingston -
Exemplifying Art Imitating Life At Its Finest

Now You Have It book by Zena Livingston Zena Livingston transforms heartache and tragedy into art that is humorous, charming and uplifting in her newest book, 'Now You Have It' available on Amazon.

full story

Deborah Nichols Poulos -
The Woman Who Inspired Us All

The Conscious Teacher by Deborah Nichols Poulos The Conscious Teacher, by author and former educator, Deborah Nichols Poulos, is part-autobiography, part teaching strategies, and fully inspirational.

full story

The Healing Touch of Romance

Mason's Gray Romance Novel by Geri' Myers Goodwin Geri' Myers Goodwin's maiden novel, Mason's Gray, is not only a harbinger of hope, but also the fulfillment of a promise she made to herself over 2 decades ago: write and finish a romance novel.

full story

A Los Angeles Transplant Re-Invents LA for the World's Top Innovators in Business

Los Angeles Reinvented by Jodie Hopperton When Jodie Hopperton moved to Los Angeles from the UK, she didn't know the influence she would have on thought-leaders and founders of the world's top businesses. Her new book, Los Angeles Reinvented, explores why innovators are moving south of Silicon Valley to the booming home of Hollywood.

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Discovering the Fountain of Youth Within: Interview with Dr. Gregory Charlop

Why Doctors Skip Breakfast: Wellness Tips to Reverse Aging, Treat Depression, and Get a Good Night's Sleep by Dr. Gregory Charlop MD Dr. Gregory Charlop MD is the author of Why Doctors Skip Breakfast: Wellness Tips to Reverse Aging, Treat Depression, and Get a Good Night's Sleep.

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Time to RESET: Interview with Jen Sugermeyer

RESET: 5 steps to reclaim the life you lost and learn to love yourself by Jen Sugermeyer Author and life-coach Jen Sugermeyer shares what it means to live a life that is genuine and self-honoring in her book, "RESET: 5 steps to reclaim the life you lost and learn to love yourself."

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The Writer Who Transcended Time and Dimension

Sage by Wendy Anne Artist, spiritualist, and author Wendy Anne can be described as eclectic, but more aptly as transcendent and all-encompassing. Sage is the first book of her four-part series, Ascension.

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David Matthews - A Well of Prolific Creativity

David Matthews - Texas Heat It is very apt that David Matthews should write about a baseball phenom in his upcoming novel Texas Heat.

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Nurse Midwife Jenny Luke - Delivering a Wake-Up Call to the American Maternal Healthcare System

Delivered by Midwives: African American Midwifery in the Twentieth-Century South by Jenny Luke Jenny Luke's book, Delivered by Midwives: African American Midwifery in the Twentieth-Century South, dives into the rich and complex narrative of black midwives in twentieth century south, and the lost and disregarded profession of midwifery that deserves a second glance.

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Masterful Conductor Michael Hageloh Inspires in his Maiden Book 'Live from Cupertino'

Nightsticks and Negligees by Lucinda Mack Engineer-turned-author Michael Hageloh whose book, Live from Cupertino, chronicles his experience as one of Apple's most prolific rainmakers.

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Lucinda Mack - Voice for the Voiceless

Nightsticks and Negligees by Lucinda Mack Prolific poet and rising novelist Lucinda Mack's upcoming book, Nightsticks and Negligees, is a blend of prose, poetry, and thrill.

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Good News: Misti Rains on Our Parade

Misti Moments by Misti Rains Misti Rains is an educator, author, and inspirationalist whose latest book is appropriately titled, Misti Moments.

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Starlight, Star Bright

The Galactic Adventures of Hazel by Starlight Children's sci-fi adventure author, Starlight, illuminates and awakens the dark corners of our imaginations in her new book, The Galactic Adventures of Hazel.

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Savant by John D. Richmond We spoke candidly with John D. Richmond about his journey as a father to a special-needs child, and his newest mystery thriller, Savant, whose protagonist is autistic.

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Lewis E. Cook
Singing for the Unsung

Jae's Alamo Unsung by Lewis E. Cook Attorney, avid scientist, and budding novelist Lewis E. Cook shares a hero's journey in his newly-released book Joe's Alamo: Unsung.

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Marie Blanchard
Putting the Delicious in Diet

Dieting Deliciously Book by Marie Blanchard Dieting Deliciously is the new book by fitness guru, and model Marie Blanchard, who believes good taste and enjoyment can exist peacefully with conscious diet and training.

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Dámaso Avilés Discovers
The Yanira Island

Dámaso Avilés - The Yanira Island Dámaso Avilés is a stellar educator and author of the fantasy novel, 'The Yanira Island,' that will evolve into a trilogy.

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Perry Cockerell's Private War

Perry Cockerell - A Private War Attorney, publishing house founder, and prolific author Perry Cockerell talks about successfully managing his three careers and his 'A Private War' book series.

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Dr. Tommy:
Demystifying Medical Marijuana

Dr. Tommy - Medical Marijuana: Real Life Success Stories Dr. Thomas G. O'Brien II (known affectionately as Dr. Tommy) is a family physician specializing in Medical Marijuana. His latest book is 'Medical Marijuana: Real Life Success Stories.'

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Black Rose Writing:
A Home for the Extraordinary

Black Rose Writing' Founded by Reagan Rothe in 2006, Black Rose Writing is an independent publishing house that has garnered positive momentum and attention ever since.

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The Shadow Wolves:
Shining a Bright Light Onto Humanity

Jake Kaminski - Author of The Shadow Wolves' Jake Kaminski is a former police lieutenant and senior advisor for the U.S. Department of Justice. His true-life experiences unfold in his book, The Shadow Wolves.

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Randy Mason on
"Falling Back to One"

Randy Mason on 'Falling Back to One' Randy Mason, author of "Falling Back to One," shares her interesting transition from rock musician to psychotherapist and novelist.

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Joseph Bentivenga on 'Respect'

Respect by Dr. Joseph Bentivegna Dr. Joseph Bentivegna is a practicing doctor by day and a writer by night. His third book, 'Respect,' is an intriguing story that's gaining serious momentum.

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Susan Love and her
Mystical Island Adventure

Ms. Love's Mystical Island Adventure by Susan Love "Ms. Love's Mystical Island Adventure" by Susan Love is a wonderful story of four foster children chosen to go to a mystical island that would ignite their interest in adventure.

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Meet The Partners

The Partners by Jack Polo "The Partners" is the latest novel by Author, realtor and former surfer Jack Polo.

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It's Always a Joyful Summer Day with Stepanka

Finding Treasured Gold by Stepanka Summer "finding treasured gold" is the latest book by ceramic artist, two-time cancer survivor and thriver, newly-published author and poet, Stepanka Summer.

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Leighton Kramer - An Author in 3D

Bolivar Heights: When Failure is Not Final - Leighton Kramer Leighton Kramer holds many titles: Minister, Pastor, Leader, Motivational Speaker, Theologian, and now Author. His latest book is "Bolivar Heights: When Failure is Not Final."

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Donald Lewis: The Next Chapter

The Principles of Don: 693 Principles of Personal and Business Success - The Book of Don by Donald Lewis The latest book by engineer, entrepreneur, and motivational writer Donald Lewis is appropriately named, "The Principles of Don: 693 Principles of Personal and Business Success."

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A Thing (or Two) About the Virtuous Nick Fowler

My Virtuous Sister by Nick Fowler When you are as brilliant as musician and esteemed novelist Nick Fowler, you cannot help but be a fountain of energy and thoughts. His latest book is My Virtuous Sister.

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Dan Flanigan: An Open Book

Mink Eyes book by Dan Flanigan For flourishing author and novelist, Dan Flanigan, his writings are an intimate glimpse into his bare soul. Mink Eyes is one of his latest books.

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The Superhero Who Walks Among Us

Children of the Kight books by Michael Bowler In a universe saturated with Marvel and DC Comics superheroes, Michael Bowler is our modern-day hero in his own league. His 'Children of the Knight' books are based on his experiences working with youth.

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Lisa Doughty: Reimaging Romance

Lisa Doughty Romance Author With a thriving engineering career, Lisa Doughty decided to start writing romance literature. Ella and the Experiment is Book One of the Ladies of Kent Series.

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Victor Vonico Johnson's
Proven Pathways

Proven Pathways to Wealth and Happiness book by Victor Vonico Johnson A conversation with Victor Vonico Johnson about his life, philosophy and new book, "Proven Pathways to Wealth & Happiness."

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Steve Malski and The Power of Art
in Healing and Transformation

The Power of Art in Healing and Transformation by Steve Malski "The Power of Art in Healing and Transformation" by multimedia artist Steve Malski encourages all art forms as a gateway to physical and emotional well-being.

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Seeing Life Through a Mirror
With Caesar Rondina

Life Through a Mirror - Caesar Rondina Caesar Rondina is a multi-published author and popular motivational speaker, and his latest book is "Life Through a Mirror."

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Interview with Robert Levey

Risk - A Tale of Wall Street by Robert Levey Robert Levey's novel "Risk (A Tale of Wall Street)" - is everything a good story is composed of - a hero's journey, relatable conflict, and a fierce underdog of a protagonist we care for.

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Coming of Age on the Streets of Hollywood with Sheryl Recinos, M.D.

Hindsight Book by Sheryl Recinos "Hindsight" by Sheryl Recinos, M.D. is her life-affirming story of a runaway teen living on the Hollywood streets that became a physician who grants scholarships to struggling youth.

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Express Exec: A Novel Approach
to Business Solutions

Express Exec Book - Gary Brose In his latest book, "Express Exec," Gary Brose taps into the techniques that lead to this level of success.

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Dan Schuck Explains
Why the Glass is Half Full

Glass Half Empty or Half Full - A Children's Book for Grown-Ups Dan Schuck's book, 'A Glass Half Empty?...or Half Full?...A Children's Book for Grown-Ups' will help raise awareness of mental illness.

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Lisa Harrison Jackson
Gifted: Handle With Care

Gifted: Handle With Care by Lisa Harrison Jackson Never Too Late, An Interview with Lisa Harrison Jackson about her latest book, 'Gifted: Handle With Care.'

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Alejandra Olivera
Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons by Alejandra Olivera Alejandra Olivera is a published author, painter, designer, traveler, cook, and Psychotherapist. Her most recent novel is 'Here Be Dragons.'

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Danny Gutknecht Finds
Meaning At Work

'Meaning At Work' book by Danny Gutknecht CEO and author, Danny Gutknecht, has discovered the key to reviving a sense of humanity in the jaded work environment with his book, 'Meaning At Work.'

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Children's Authors Solve The Mystery,
Where The Socks Go

Where the Socks Go Book Teachers and authors Nicole McCalla, Claudine Barbot, and Jocelyn Barbot decided to take on the challenge of writing children's literature.

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Michael Jabbra on Masters
and Monsters and More

Michael Jabbra on Masters
and Monsters and More American author, Michael Jabbra, explores this relationship in his first children's book, "The Adventures of Master and Monster."

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Keaton Maddox and the Red Hen Saga

Keaton Maddox - Red Hen Press Keaton Maddox is Associate Editor and Publicist of Red Hen Press - one of the only literary presses in the Los Angeles area since its foundation.

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Two Shades of Vice:
Dewey Reynolds's Long Strange Trip

Two Shades of Vice - Dewey Reynolds 'Two Shades of Vice' is the first work of fiction by author Dewey Reynolds and the chance to tell his most important story.

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Gerry Orz
Fifteen-Year-Old Filmmaker, Novelist & Activist

Gerry Orz - Lucky Or Not Even as a young child, Orz had always known he wanted to be involved with filmmaking. After trying his hand at acting and other film-related activities, he realized that his true passion was in telling stories, via directing.

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Thomas Hewlett
L.A. Noir With a Vampire Twist

Gerald Weaver - The First First Gentleman Author Thomas Hewlett knew what he wanted to do from the age of fifteen. Growing up in Los Angeles, he was drawn to Science-Fiction and Mystery works. When he found books whose endings he didn't like, he re-wrote them himself. In doing so, he realized his calling. "It sparked something inside me," Hewlett muses. "When I didn't get that same feeling from anything else, I knew that all I wanted to do was write."

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Gerald Weaver
The First First Gentleman

Gerald Weaver - The First First Gentleman Gerald Weaver's first novel, "The Gospel Prism," is a poetic story of redemption, drawing influence from Dante's Inferno. His latest novel, "The First First Gentleman," tells the story of Melinda Sherman, a former war hero, who is vying to be the first woman in the Oval Office. While the timing is eerily similar to Hillary Clinton's Presidential run, Mr. Weaver emphasizes that his novel is not a commentary on the current election cycle, but rather an attempt to push the notion of true gender equality past the 'tipping point,' as he calls it.

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Marguerite Nardone Gruen
How Her Dream Comes True

Marguerite Nardone Gruen - The Band 4, The Air We Breathe Taking "follow your dreams" to a whole new level, author Marguerite Nardone Gruen asks us to experience the journey of Chase and Marguerite. A love story like no other, both the characters and the audience are sure to fall in love. An instant classic based on a dream that is sure to make you feel like you are in one.

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Caitlin McKenna And Her Big Fake Irish Life

Caitlin McKenna is the author of four novels, "My Big Fake Irish Life," "Manifesting Mr. Right," "Logging Off," and "Super Natalie." She is an accomplished chick lit genre writer, and just wrote her first dystopian science fiction novel, "Logging Off" after she had a vivid dream detailing a world dominated by technology. She is also a seasoned actress and based "My Big Fake Irish Life" after her experience as an American actress who completely changed her identity in order to book more acting roles. McKenna is also a voice over actress and casting director and splits her time between her writing and acting work.

Caitlin McKenna

How did you get started as a writer?

I was an actor with too much time on my hands, so I began writing screenplays. The idea of my first screenplay came from a vivid, detailed dream I had one night about a futuristic dystopian world. I got up and wrote down as much as I could remember and it ended up being 25 pages of notes. This became "Logging Off," which I adapted into a novel a few years later.

You also act, do you consider yourself more an actor or a writer?

I consider myself both an actor and a writer. I make my living as a voiceover actor working on films and television shows and when the work slows down, I write. If I had to choose though, I'd choose writing over my voiceover work.

Your book, "My Big Fake Irish Life," is based on your true story. How true to life is the book?

I'd say about 65 to 70 percent of the book is true. I kept a journal while I was Irish. A lot of the dialogue in the book was actually said and many of the situations that Meghan finds herself in actually happened to me. You'd think that some of the most outrageous events that occur in the book are fictitious but they are not. I actually taught a Northern Ireland guy how to speak Irish, and I've been accused of being in the IRA twice.

My Big Fake Irish Life - Caitlin McKenna

What made you decide to pass yourself off as a native of Ireland?

I took every acting class in town, I studied with every top-rated coach, I did everything I possibly could to stand out. But I was so unbelievably invisible, and I knew I had to change that fact. It got me to thinking that I needed to reinvent myself. With my pale complexion and my desire to change my hair color to red, I decided I'd be Irish. I packed up and went to Ireland for a month. I created a whole character. When I returned, I had a new name, new headshots, and new hair color. I started booking acting jobs very quickly.

How differently did people treat you as the Irish Caitlin?

The difference was night and day. When I was called in for an audition, everyone in the room loved to hear my accent. I'd watch their faces light up, and they seemed as if they were genuinely interested in me. I was completely invisible before I went Irish and then after I suddenly became the most interesting person in the room.

What do you feel the experience taught you?

It taught me that we all judge a book by its cover, and we treat people differently according to how we judge them. For me, I was treated far better Irish than American. This experience also helped me understand my industry better. In order to work as an actor, you have to categorize yourself. You have to know what "type" you can play. Pre-Irish, I only fit into the generic girl next door type. With the accent and the red hair, I was able to expand the types of characters I could play.

You've written it as a novel and a screenplay. The novel has been published. Are there any plans to make a film version?

I'd love for "My Big Fake Irish Life" to become a movie or a television series. One of my friends who is an independent producer is trying to see if she can make that happen.

Manifesting Mr. Right - Caitlin McKenna

Your work could be put under the umbrella of chick-lit, but you also have a science fiction book, "Logging Off," how did that book come about?

As I mentioned, the idea for "Logging Off" came from a dream I had, otherwise I might not have ventured into the science fiction genre. When I originally wrote it as a screenplay, I had trouble fitting the story into 120 script pages, so the screenplay became my outline to write the novel. I really enjoy writing in both the chick lit and science fiction genres.

Was your writing process for Logging Off different from that for your other books?

Yes. "Logging Off" is a more complicated story, so I needed to have an outline. With my chick lits, I begin with the one message I want to convey, and then I sit down, open myself up for ideas, and begin writing.

What is your most recent book?

"Super Natalie," and its message is embrace who you are. It's about a girl who can communicate with ghosts. She's hates her ability. She feels like a freak, but she learns how to control it. She realizes that she truly can help the living and the dead and that her ability isn't a curse but a true gift.

Are there any new projects you're currently working on?

I'll probably write a continuation of Natalie's journey. I'm thinking of making it into a series. I also need to squeeze in another science fiction. That's my plan. Unless I go to bed tonight and dream some amazing new story that I have to get out right away!

For more information on Caitlin McKenna and to read about her books and voice over work, please visit her website at http://CaitlinMcKenna.com.

The Gift of Light And Color: Sparkle and the Gift

Anyone who has ever tuned into the news can tell you that the world seems like a pretty dark place. Yet author and teacher Ayn Cates Sullivan is here to counteract that darkness, and remind you of your inner light. A prolific writer of spiritual and uplifting literature, Ayn's latest children's book, Sparkle and the Gift, is a heartening tale for "children of all ages." Ayn holds Masters degrees in spiritual psychology and a Masters and Doctorate in literature from Columbia University and King's College London. She integrated her higher education and her spiritual education in color and light healing to find a higher purpose - to remind us all of our authentic selves.

Ayn Cates Sullivan - Sparkle and the Gift

Sparkle and the Gift is a story within a story. Part one deals with a little girl named Sparkle, who reminds her mother Alice that we are beings made of light. In turn, Alice tells Sparkle the story of "Kachina's Gift." "I want kids of all ages to know that their light never goes out. When they close their eyes and remember the sun, they know that there is a beautiful light within them always."

Sparkle and the Gift has received a diverse range of positive reviews. The esteemed spiritual teacher Mirabai Devi, remarked, "Sparkle is a gift, not just to children, but to the child and spirit within each of us. She is our reminder to stay connected to our souls, our purpose, and to the divine light whose love and healing can be found in every aspect of life, down to the blessing of a flower."

Another more humorous reviewer likened Sparkle to "Carlos Castaneda for children without all the drugs." A testament to her age-appropriate yet mystically eloquent writing. Perhaps the most revealing and grievous review came from a thirteen year old girl whose mother had recently passed away. "This little girl's mother died suddenly, but she said that knowing that her mother is made up of light helped give her the strength to heal and move on."

Sparkle and the Gift is the first book in a series of five. Although it is the only children's book she has published, Ayn is no stranger to producing compelling spiritual literature. She is also coming out with a novel, a spiritual adventure story about a girl who has a vision and follows it. Through ten spiritual initiations she is able to resolve her inner conflicts, and restore herself to her full life. The novel is largely reflective of Ayn's struggle with depression in her twenties and the help she found on her journey with spiritual teachers. "The experiences of my own awakening out of life were difficult times in which I suffered a lot. Working with color, I was able to come to peace and live a much more prosperous and successful life with more intimacy, and a loving family."

Ayn is also working on a book of prayers inspired by Howard Wills, a healer who ordained her to be a practicing minister. She seeks to help end patterns that cause pain and suffering by making color essences that inspire and uplift people and writing inspiring books. Ayn works on an individual and group basis with her students, and currently lives with her husband near the Topa Topa Mountains in Ojai, California.

- Chris Caplan

Learn more at: www.SparkleAndTheGift.com

America's Human Wake Up Call

By: Donna Letterese

Mike Jaffe Oftentimes, when asked how they are doing, people will say they're "fine" when feeling far from it. Mike Jaffe realized that "fine was not enough" for his life or career. Since that revelation, it has been his calling to teach others to fulfill their potential without delay. "I don't want others to have to go through an external wakeup call before they're pushed to make those better choices," Jaffe states.

Up until Jaffe's own wake-up call, he felt as if he was "floating down the river," without clarity of who he was. Earning his MBA brought him opportunities, both in the corporate and the smaller business spheres. Jaffe was excited to find work in a small Internet startup. Unfortunately, when the Internet bubble burst in 2001, that company subsequently lost its funding.

For Jaffe's financial stability, and for the sake of his wife and eight month-old daughter, he had to take a corporate marketing position. Yet, he realized he was unhappy with the lengthy commute from Connecticut to lower-Manhattan, and the job itself. "September tenth was really my wake-up call," Jaffe elaborates. "It was a beautiful blue day - I had to go outside." He then made an inward promise to take steps to improve his circumstances. His first step would be to have breakfast with his family the next morning.

The morning of September eleventh, 2001, Jaffe did go into the office later. The possibility of getting in trouble at work paled in comparison to his need to spend time with his wife and daughter. When Jaffe boarded the commuter train, he was relieved to have taken some control with a seemingly small decision. Ultimately, that small decision saved his life. Had Jaffe gone to work on time, he would have been at his office in the World Trade Center when the first plane crashed. No one in his team survived, and he would have been among them. From then on, Jaffe realized the magnitude of the decision he had made - and the importance of taking one's destiny into one's own hands.

Mike Jaffe

It would be an oversimplification to call Jaffe a "life coach" or a "business coach," although he has been introduced as both. Jaffe himself believes the important thing to be how his work can dramatically improve a person's life. Empowerment is a large part of the coaching, as well as "gentle fire:" positive pushes of strength and encouragement that people need to get going. He notes that too many people wait for a mythical moment of stability before doing anything, when today is the day to implement even the smallest change.

Jaffe spreads these teachings to a variety of forums, from individuals, to small businesses, to Fortune 500 companies. Helping individuals take that next step can vary from helping them make a career transition, to one on one life coaching. With smaller businesses, he helps push the company's passion and ideas towards leaders and managers. Then, they can bring those ideas to fruition, allowing an end to end impact within the company. To ensure corporations receive maximum value, Jaffe brings in a high-caliber team. Employing other coaches allows for education on a larger scale. "We each bring a unique perspective and skill-set into the work. Whether it's from myself or a coach colleague, I make sure the work is delivered at the level of excellence I demand," he states. Jaffe's bottom line is giving clients receive what they need, whether he is watching over the work, or doing the coaching himself.

Jaffe encourages patience to those who feel "stuck," as well as the courage to want change. "Life design and transformation is a process," he advises. "Allow yourself to cross that 'rickety bridge,' and transition from one thing to another." He urges people to want accountability for their lives, and their decisions. Things may feel like a storm as they're happening. Yet, it is often better to forge through a storm than to sit back and hope it abates, only to have years go by without any progress made. "Too many times we look only at the benefit of what seems safe," Jaffe muses. "But every choice has a benefit and a cost."

Wake Up! Your Life Is Calling by Mike Jaffe

As to what is on Jaffe's horizon, his first book, "Wake Up! Your Life Is Calling" is planned to have an August release. He is also busy working on the creation of the online community "Wake Up Revolution." The site is to offer free sound bytes, tools, and other content. Users will be able to share their own stories of how "waking up" positively impacted their lives, while encouraging others to do the same. "In the next few years, I intend to create a lot more tools and aids to help people through feeling overwhelmed," Jaffe concludes. "I want to teach them how to be self reliant in getting through the storms."

For more information about Mike Jaffe and his work, please go to www.HumanWakeUpCall.com.

To contact him, please email wakeup@JaffeLifeDesign.com.

The King and Dr. Nick: What Really Happened to Elvis and Me

By George Nichopoulos with Rose Clayton Phillips

This book reveals the true story of Dr. George Nichopolous who was Elvis's personal physician for 10 years. The book outlines the joys and frustrations of working with high profile clients. It also addresses the subject of how being an advisor to a star often draws unwanted media attention and in this case, the inability to get a fair trial after the media frenzy. Celebrity scandals have coined the need for high paid celebrity lawyers and they are the only winners in these tragedies. "The King and Dr. Nick" is a must read for anyone thinking of getting into the entertainment field or who is currently working with the stars. It is a cautionary tale behind the myth of "the glamorous life." The book is now on sale at Borders, Davis-Kidd and Amazon.com.

The King and Dr. Nick: What Really Happened to Elvis and Me

Dr. Nichopoulos spent a decade with Elvis on the road and at Graceland, trying to maintain the precarious health of one of the world's greatest entertainers. But on August 16, 1977, he found himself in the ambulance with Elvis on that fateful last trip to the ER. He signed the death certificate.

From that day forward, Dr. Nick became the focus of a media witch hunt that threatened his life and all but destroyed his professional reputation.Now, for the first time, Dr. Nick reveals the true story behind Elvis's drug use and final days-not the version formed by years of tabloid journalism and gross speculation. Put aside what you've learned about Elvis's final days and get ready to understand for the first time the inner workings of "the king of rock n' roll.


In a deeply personal and honest memoir, Angeleno Estherleon Schwartz lays bare an ultimately jubilant life shadowed by the tragedy of the Holocaust and an emotionally destructive mother.

Tears of Stone Using a unique literary style that interlaces journaling with original poetry, Tears of Stone and my Deal with God weaves the story of Estherleon's life journey, beginning with a harrowing escape from the Nazis in 1944 and immigration to America as a poor refugee in 1948, and ending with understanding, insight, and compassion.

Throughout, Estherleon has remembered her father's plea to God as he threw her over the barbed wire fence at the border into the arms of the Swiss Guard, "Save my daughter and she will always serve you." Estherleon's nakedly honest musings on deep-seated feelings of anger and abandonment, coupled with reflections on her faith and her love for the people in her life, make Tears of Stone a moving and exceptional read.

"This personal journey has taken me through many difficult stages in my life of 67 years, and I am happy I can say I have addressed so many necessary demons. In spite of everything and when all is said and done, with a brave heart I sang my way through it all."

Cantor Estherleon Schwartz

Estherleon has pledged one dollar for every book sale to Feed the Children, a non-profit relief organization that delivers food, water, medicine and hope to children worldwide.

Tears of Stone and my Deal with God is available at http://www.estherleon.com and http://www.amazon.com .

How to Get an Agent for Your Non-Fiction Book

If you want to land a major publisher like Random House, it's virtually impossible to get a book deal on your own. You need an agent. How to Get an Agent for Your Non-Fiction Book Publishers rely on agents because they receive too many unsolicited manuscripts from the public. When an agent submits your work to a publisher, it's considered "pre-screened" and given far more serious consideration than when you submit it on your own. Agents get paid 15 percent of your book income, but they help you get a better deal from your publisher. Plus they sell foreign rights, movie rights and book excerpts to magazines and newspapers.

How do you land an agent for a non-fiction book? You write a book proposal - a document that is a cross between a business plan and a synopsis of your book. Here's what to include:
  • First, create an overview, a one- to three-page mini version of your proposal.
  • Next, talk about the audience for your book, showing specifically who is interested in your topic.
  • Follow that with an analysis of competing books and how your's stands out from the pack.
  • Next up is your bio, which shows why you're an expert on your topic, and your marketing plan.

Now it's time to explore your book idea. You have to prove your concept is worth a full-length book, as opposed to a magazine article - and show that you know how to write. Start with your proposed table of contents, then add a detailed outline with half a page or more per chapter. Finally, add about twenty pages of a chapter or two from your book.

That's your book proposal. (For a more detailed explanation and four examples of book proposals, refer to my book, Write a Book Without Lifting a Finger.)

Add a cover letter, referred to as a "query letter," and send it with your proposal to agents who specialize in books with the same topic as yours. You can download a free list of agents and their specialties at www.GetAnAgentNow.com.

Develop a strong enough book proposal and you could get paid an advance to write your book. It may seem like the odds are against you, but as literary agent and author Peter Rubie says, "If you have a polished and well-written book idea, you're in competition, not with all the others who submit, but with the five to 10 percent whose material cries out to be taken seriously by editors and agents."

- Mahesh Grossman


Former Bodyguard to the Stars Tino Struckmann - His New Book on Women's Personal Security

Stalked Tino Struckmann, a former bodyguard to the stars, who has recently done some starring roles of his own, authors his new book on stalking and women's personal security.

Already popular in Europe, the book serves as a guide with top of the line professional advice on how to deal with one's own safety and enhance personal security.

The book contains accounts from actual stalking victims as well as case studies from the author's own experiences. The book is a great resource for women living in an increasingly dangerous world.

Stalked Struckmann, an expert in the field of security, has been an advisory figure on TV and film projects. Most recently he has been seen on E!- Entertainment News, CNBC and CNN.

As an actor he has been a guest star on numerous television shows and has had notable roles in a myriad of feature films. He has also just produced and starred in his first feature film, Brothers War that will be released in the US on DVD this spring. (See FILM & VIDEO Section)

$13.50 (includes shipping)

Watch for his monthly column on personal security for Inside Magazine's website inmag.com.

More about this book at: www.StalkingBook.com

More about Struckmann at: www.AlmightyDog.com

Avoiding the Next Economic Depression:

Not a Stimulus, a Revolution

The V Tax - Kellen Merrill

Our economy is now unarguably in a recession; the bail out for the banks, and now a proposed second stimulus package are clear evidence of how we are in need of some extreme help. Instead of enlarging the debt, which all of this assistance has done and will continue to do, Jonathon Brown has a solution that will permanently solve our problems: the V-Tax.

Like the guy with the bomb deactivation codes in an action movie, Brown believes he has the answer and is trying to get it to the right people to save us from the impending doom.

The V-Tax starts with understanding the economy as it really is; the economy is not only the GDP, to which most will point when regarding it. The key to Brown's plan is this fact: 80% of our economy is "Wall Street", 15% is business to business or industrial and only 5% is the GDP, or "Main Street." While Main Street is the smallest contributor, it pays 90% of taxes. The rest is from business to business. Wall Street pays $0 in taxes. That's right; zero taxes are collected from Wall Street.

Brown asks the obvious question: "why?" If Wall Street paid 1/5 of 1% or 1 penny out of every 5 dollars from its transactions, we could raise 1.6 trillion dollars in one year's time. That's ten times the amount of the second stimulus package.

What is included in this Wall Street definition? Basically, the exchange of stocks, bonds, currency, and the banking system; they are the 80% of our economy operating tax free. A concern you might have when considering taxing Wall Street is the effect it may have on interest rates. Brown estimates a maximum rise of 1% as a reaction to the V-Tax. The positives far outweigh the possibility of this relatively miniscule increase.

Remember, the V-Tax can provide a stimulus package 10 times larger than what is proposed right now. According to Brown, if we passed the V-Tax, taxing the velocity (movement of money) in Wall Street would eliminate the need for income tax for working Americans earning less than $50,000 a year. Those earning above this would still pay taxes, but on a much smaller scale than now.

Social Security could also be funded through the V-Tax. This would alleviate your paying and your employer's matching your payments into Social Security. Business in America would save money, while also enjoying the increased spending that would result from the V-Tax. If the average American did not have to pay federal taxes, Brown estimates half of the money would be invested and the other spent. It would revitalize the economy using our money saved, not more money borrowed by the government.

Why hasn't someone else brought this up? The reality of how our economy breaks down and where our taxes are coming from is generally misunderstood. Brown has put fifteen years of research into economics before solidifying his ideas. To help illustrate the economy with Brown's favorite example: if you picture a building with a hundred floors making up our economic system, the first five floors would be Main Street, or the GDP, the next 15 floors would be the business to business or whole sale market; the remaining 80 floors are Wall Street.

The V-Tax is like taking a small drop out of a bucket. Wall Street is many buckets (80% of all of America's buckets) moving around, sharing water, and to date, untaxed. If we adopt the V-Tax, the benefits felt on Main Street would trickle up to Wall Street, benefiting everyone, and heal the economy for good. Brown has written a book to get this plan for economic salvation to the powers that be. Originally meant to for publication, like Brown's first book, which had an untimely release of a week before nine eleven, his current work is available via download from his website: www.v4victorytax.com. Brown has made it available this way in an effort to get the word out to as many people and as quickly as he possibly can.

According to Brown, The V-Tax is the answer to our failing economy, and it doesn't require enlarging the already massive national-debt. It would eliminate income tax for 50% of working Americans, and fund Social Security. The V-Tax sounding too good to be true is an obstacle Brown has to overcome. Jonathon Brown is the underdog protagonist trying to save the day in this action/suspense turned horror movie that is our economy. Only it's not a movie; it's real. Does he have the answer? Download Brown's book to see for yourself.

Find out more at: www.v4victorytax.com; help spark the revolution.

The Chic Mom's Guide To Feeling Fabulous

The Chic Mom's Guide To Feeling Fabulous With the recent celebrity baby boom, it seems that everywhere one looks there are images of gorgeous actresses rebounding quickly and easily from their pregnancies. Nina Sutton, author of the new book, The Chic Mom's Guide To Feeling Fabulous: Easy tips for an Amazing Life After the Stork has Arrived and Beyond, stresses that rebounding from a pregnancy and adapting to becoming a new mom is much more difficult for average women who don't have an entourage to help them make such a major life transition appear effortless.

Nina, the mother of two young boys, wrote The Chic Mom's Guide in order to provide real women with helpful advice and time saving tips to adjust to new motherhood while still looking and feeling stylish and beautiful.

With 15 years of experience in the fashion and beauty industries, Nina Sutton has worked with companies such as Sebastian International and the Christal Corporation to create and launch beauty products and marketing campaigns. She also has experience in online marketing - working with companies such as Nestlé and ConAgra on their online promotions and coupons. Additionally, she is somewhat of an expert in the world of samples sales, after launching a series of designer sample sales in the Los Angeles area.

After giving birth to her first child, this busy career woman suddenly found herself with new challenges, and less time to devote to personal style. In an effort to create a community of new mothers like herself, Nina started a "Mommy and me" class with women from the Hermosa Beach, CA area. In the class, she found that some of the mothers were not only more stylish, but also seemed happier than others. Curious to know their secrets, Nina engaged these mothers in a series of discussions that helped inspire her book.

In The Chic Mom's Guide, Nina stresses the importance of assembling a team of experts, much in the same way that celebrity moms do. Therefore, every chapter in her book features an interview with an expert in a different field. These chapters reflect different aspects of a woman's life such as beauty, fashion, fitness, cooking, relationships (with one's child and one's spouse), and finances.

In addition to writing The Chic Mom's Guide, Nina is also the founder of the website www.dealsfordivas.com. She launched the site in September 2006 after giving birth to her first child, in order to provide deals and discounts to women on beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. The site also features Nina's weekly blog, which includes information about sample sales around the country as well as online.

Nina asserts that the time saving tips in her book can be useful for almost anyone, including moms with older children or busy professional women without children. According to Nina, her goal in writing The Chic Mom's Guide was to empower women from all walks of life "to feel fabulous."

The Chic Mom's Guide is available on www.Amazon.com and www.iuniverse.com/bookstore .

- Sarah Kelly

By John LeConte

Interview by Kelly Boler
Photo courtesy of David Roberson

The Priest and the Nazi The relationship between the Catholic Church and the Nazi Party during World War II and its aftermath is a complex and sometimes disturbing one. In the new book The Priest and the Nazi, author John LeConte uses fiction to investigate one of the murkier aspects of this relationship, as well as the unlikely nature of redemption, in the story of a Bavarian priest and a Nazi officer who make a deal for the Nazi's passage to South America, and his soul. In an interview, LeConte talks about his challenging subject.

In your story, the priest collaborates, but not all priests in the Catholic church did so, in fact, were cruelly persecuted for their opposition to the Nazis, and many also aided Jews in hiding.
Yes, individual Catholics saved many and should indeed be praised for that. But many didn't, and many of the powerful bishops and cardinals of the church in the thirties and forties did not protest. And yes the pope did do some good things behind the scenes, but the pope set the tone: he did not want the church to be destroyed as it surely would have been if they did speak out. The Church did not speak out publicly in a campaign of protest, the institution was not out front acting as a counter moral force against Hitler. They knew, as did all in Europe that Hitler was not bluffing, he would destroy the Church. They were afraid, like all men would be. But that is what courage is about, acting in the face of danger.

You have created an allegory about good and evil, yet your priest is hardly wholly good, and the Nazi soldier hungers for redemption. Why the ambiguity?
No one is entirely good or evil. The priest is human. The Nazi is human. One of the things we have done with both Hitler and with Christ is that, based on their deeds, we have assigned them an inhuman status. Hitler was a human being and that's the thing that is the most scary about him. He was a human being who did unbelievable things that can never be adequately explained, much less justified in any way. Christ was a human being who did good things that we all should emulate, so we are all capable of doing those good things as well. What I was trying to do with the priest was not to make him a pristine good guy but to show his fallibility even though he was connected with the church. The Nazi was not to be the all encompassing bad guy. He was human and did evil, but he had human qualities as well. In the end they each reverted to their essential souls.

Who are your favorite philosophers and why?
One I like is Eric Hoffer, the working man's philosopher of the 1950s. He theorizes on the heart and soul of the working man and woman and the challenges they encounter when faced with powerful forces that they can't control. Shakespeare is a philosopher to me. His insight into the human condition is astounding and he told it in most beautiful and dramatic ways.

- Kelly Boler



By Emily Jebson

Who hasn't had a tough breakup? We all have. We also all know they're not so easy to get over. So how do you recover? According to author and relationship expert Alison James, with humor. Alison's breakup survival guide "I Used to Miss Him...But My Aim is Improving," helps women laugh through this often-devastating experience. Her book does everything from outlining early warning signs that the relationship may be in trouble to advising ways to channel anger into positive outlets.

Alison James Alison guides women through their painful post breakup up days by embracing the joys of shopping and makeup and helps women reenter single life with the confidence of lessons learned. Her humor and honesty show the bright side of the breakup experience by helping women laugh in even their most desperate moments. Most importantly, "I Used to Miss Him...But My Aim is Improving" helps women gain and retain their post-breakup self-respect.

Alison has been featured in Maxim, Complete Woman, Woman's Own, Daily Mirror (UK), Ladies Home Journal Online, as well as on 120 radio shows. She is a graduate from Princeton and The London School of Economics. She uses her unique and practical outlook to mentor young women on life and love.

Her next book, The 10 Women You'll Be Before You're Thirty, which is due out in late Spring, explores the different phases a woman goes through in young adulthood. The book addresses all the persona's women take on in order to please family, friends, and society. It encourages women to laugh at their various personalities, while helping them rejoice in and embrace their true unique selves. For more information: visit www.10women.com

Spin to Win: The Essential P.R. Guide For Business & Career Success
by Anthony Mora

Spin To Win Spin to Win puts the power of the information age in your hands. Using the techniques outlined in the book, you'll no longer simply watch the news - you'll be the news!

Spin to Win gives you insider media tips to successfully utilize the most powerful form of marketing available. How can you place your story in the local and national media? What do editors and producers look for? How do you effectively pitch stories to the media? Spin to Win answers those questions and more.

Featuring interviews with top journalists from such media as USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, The BBC, Entrepreneur, The View, Readers Digest, and Self, Spin to Win teaches you the insider secrets of how to place yourself, your business, or your product in top national and regional media. Whether you're a business owner, physician, attorney, artist, entertainer, entrepreneur, or author, only media relations can reach your target market and offer you and your business credibility, authenticity, prominence, influence, and results.

Spin to Win is a step-by-step guide on how to define goals and utilize the power of the media to achieve success in any field. Practical and user-friendly, Spin to Win can be utilized by heads of major corporations, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists.

A former journalist and magazine editor, Anthony Mora is the President and CEO of Anthony Mora Communications, Inc. As a media and public relations expert, Anthony has been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, as well as on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, and other media. Spin to Win is his third book.

Hawk Publishing ($15.95)

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How to Sell Yourself and Your Movie Idea to Hollywood
by Ken Boccop
as told to James K. Shea

The Perfect Pitch This is an important book for anyone who has a script or business project you want to sell to the people with money. It will teach you:
  • How to pitch your story in two minutes or less
  • How to connect to Hollywood's top mover and shakers
  • How to think and react "on your feet" during a sales pitch
  • How to communicate through a memorable and passionate pitch that will make you and your story a winner

Michael Weise Productions $16.95

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By Devra Z. Hill, Ph.D.

The Best of Your Life This is a different kind of health book! It's about new supplements but also about the physical and emotional aspects of good health.

Devra's motto is: "Lighten Up, Cut the Drama, and Enjoy the Visit."
  • Read how to survive the 21st Century's insanities
  • Learn the latest health info and...
  • How to look younger and feel great!

This is a must read for everyone...no matter how old you are!
(LULUZ Publications, 168 pages, $18.95)

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Hollywood, CA

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