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'The Band 4, The Air We Breathe:' Marguerite Gruen Pens Dream Into Popular Debut Novel Series

By Jana Ritter

A boy meets girl story about love, loss, heart break, the other side of celebrity and the confliction between personal desires and loyalty to friends, family and a career already set in motion. The boy, Chase, is part of the most popular band on the planet and is contemplating deserting his mates to be free to live as himself again.

The girl, Marguerite, is finding herself for the time after finally breaking free from her overbearing, strict Italian upbringing. They cross paths at a London café and are both struck by a bond that goes beyond attraction or desire and into a supernatural dimension. To walk away from it, would be like choosing not to breathe. It's the story that told itself to Marguerite Gruen one night, in the form of an otherworldly dream.

Marguerite Nardone Gruen - The Band 4, The Air We Breathe

"I'm like a lot of people and usually don't even remember my dreams," Gruen reveals. "But this dream was so intense, I just couldn't shake it and for weeks I kept thinking about this couple I had fallen in love with."

And unlike the countless aspiring novelists who get stuck in the debilitating vortex of writer's block, Gruen who had never even planned on becoming a writer simply started penning her dream on paper if only to get it out of her thoughts. In June, she started banging out a chapter every night and by the end of the summer, the never before novelist had not only written an entire manuscript but one that was also compelling enough to impress the first editor she sent it to.

"It was as though something was channeling through me, I couldn't stop thinking about the characters, how their life together would play out, their friends' lives, and what their children would be like," Gruen says, explaining her writing process. "I would be at work all day constantly writing notes to myself every time I was struck by a new thought or idea and I couldn't wait to get home to write them into the story," she continues.

"I'm 62 years old, been happily married for 35 years and never in a million years did I think I would write a book, let alone publish one. When I first got the response from the editor who said she liked my manuscript, I cried like a baby. It was amazing to find out that at this point in my life, I was to become a published author."

The Band 4, The Air We Breathe

Published by Friesen Press, "The Band 4, The Air We Breathe" is a love story with a supernatural twist and it also explores the inside world of celebrity culture, specifically the challenges that music stars face as pop culture influencers going through their own personal battles in the public spotlight. The pressure to appease fans, the creative differences with band-mates, producers and label executives, the internal conflict of staying true to your self, and still the human yearning to find true love despite the odds. When two people from completely different worlds each suffering their own strains of turmoil come together, something more powerful intervenes and their fate is changed forever.

"When people read this story, I want them to feel the love between Marguerite and Chase. I want them to feel that love can conquer all and that unlike the stereotypes of debaucherous rock stars, even famous musicians can have stable professional relationships with each other and be faithful to their significant others. This story is also about family and the healing that occurs when people band together as one," Gruen explains.

At a time when anger and fear seem to be dividing our nation, it's no surprise that Gruen's prevailing message of unity, love and basic human kindness has been so well received by readers of all ages. Not only is the first time author getting five star reviews, media attention and public speaking invitations across the US, she also has a fast growing fan base waiting for the sequels to the series.

"'The Band 4, The Air We Breathe' will indeed be a trilogy," Gruen says excitedly. "In fact, the next book is already finished and being submitted to the publisher. It focuses on Chase and Marguerite's best friend, 'Ed.' He is a compelling character with quite a story and a lot of people who read 'The Air We Breathe' keep asking me when 'Ed' will be out," the author reveals. "There is also a third book coming out soon as well and it follows up with Marguerite and Chase in their older years, remembering stories from their very colorful past and also follow the very interesting lives of their children now."

"The Band 4, The Air We Breathe" is a pop romance novel for young adults and is enjoyed by all ages. The book is currently available for order from the Friesen Press bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Readers can also purchase the eBook version on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo and Google Play.

To find out more about Marguerite Gruen, please visit her official website www.MargueriteGruen.com or follow the author on Facebook.

Hollywood, CA

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