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The Island The Island

Starring: Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson

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Here's another science fiction film that will soon become science fact. It's set in the year 2019 and it's about human clones. Yes, we're living in a time when scientific advancements are now at hyper-speed. And what was thought as impossible just a few years ago is happening now.

In this movie Ewan is the human clone of a very wealthy man who builds and races yachts. Scarlett is the clone of a successful model. The cost of a clone is five million dollars but it is supposed to be an insurance policy in case the originals get sick and need a body part. The problem is that the clone is killed for the body part and clones, just like their parents don't want to die.

Another science fact that has recently been discovered is that body parts often have memory and Ewan starts having nightmares about being on a yacht, falling overboard and drowning. His curiosity drives him to find out why. All the clones are living in an underground laboratory and told that earth is contaminated except for one beautiful island. And, that if they win a lottery, they get to leave and live on the island. In reality that's the death sentence.

This suspenseful thriller has a lot of special effects and spectacular car crashes.

(PG 13) Dreamworks/Warner Bros. Pictures


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Hollywood, CA

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