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The Pacifier The Pacifier

Starring: Vin Diesel, Lauren Graham, Faith Ford, Brad Garrett

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Vin Diesel is the embodiment of today's action hero but in this film he takes his first jump into comedy. He's a Navy S.E.A.L assigned to protect the life of a scientist working on a secret invention. When the scientist is assassinated Vin is reassigned to protect the man's endangered five children. Now he's fighting evil while babysitting. Sounds like the typical housewife!

Faith Ford plays the children's mother but when she's called out of town on part of her husband's secret business Vin discovers just how difficult being a "Mother" really is. He has to control undisciplined kids from a baby to a teenager. Now that's a dangerous job!

In between the laughs are a lot of action scenes and they include a few at the school where Brad Garrett is the overly aggressive gym teacher. The Pacifier is a fun family film and even though there are a couple of unbelievable scenes it earns the rank of three stars.

Rated: PG Walt Disney Pictures

By Devra Hill

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Hollywood, CA

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