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Param Gill's Unique
Filmmaking Journey

By Justin Soliva

The likelihood that you would find a lauded and celebrated film director in your local dental office is no longer a stretch of the imagination. Param Gill, a practicing dentist by trade has made his way into the spotlight with his film career, which has reached a high this year at the 2014 San Francisco MovieFest.

Coming away with the most awards of any film, Param Gill's, Last Supper, won several awards including best actor for legendary Hollywood comedian, Eddie Griffin, best actress with Najarra Townsend as the leading lady, best editor with Ludmil Kazakov and best director for Param's work behind the camera, among the highlights. Overall, Param's film swept the festival audiences, taking home the best of fest award, a landmark achievement for the cast and crew as well as for the festival, historically taking home more awards than any other film.

Param Gill - Last Supper

Param's humble beginnings started in his dental office several years earlier, where he would use his love for storytelling to entertain his patients. This passion sent him on a journey to the New York Film Academy in 2005 where he developed his vision and craft working on short films.

"Write what you know" has been a principle Param internalized over the years in honing his unique storytelling point of view as an Indian film maker. Much of his work has involved the influences from both Hollywood and Bollywood, incorporating the two worlds successfully in his films, which can be seen in his 2010 film Hotel Hollywood.

Flash forward to Last Supper, Param was inspired by a Slovenian film, that received a lot of positive feedback. As a result, Param and writer John Buchanan collaborated and set out to do an approximation for the American audience.

In assembling the cast for the movie, Param had his heart set on casting comedian Eddie Griffin. "Eddie was perfect for the role...I wanted people to see a side of Eddie they had never seen" Eddie agreed to do the project, eventually inviting along with him friend and fellow co-star, Penny Marshall to round out the cast. Param describes the ambiance on set when working with such a large personality as Eddie Griffin. "Eddie was [such a] firecracker, never a dull moment on set...he gets everyone excited" as Param recalled times on set filming.

Last Supper's performance at the 2014 San Francisco MovieFest sent ripples of satisfaction through the film community. Thrilled by the film's reception, Param Gill is currently promoting the film at other upcoming festivals and has already been in the works for the next big project, a film currently called The Last American Taboo. When asked to define his new project, Param replied, "After selling his soul to the Devil for "male enhancement," a desperately inadequate man discovers that his new stature is more of a curse than a blessing and that he must confront God to find true happiness."

For Param, the film making journey has no plans or signs of slowing. You can learn more about Param and Last Supper at:
Hollywood, CA

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