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Robin Mountjoy: Rocker Turned Filmmaker

By: Chance Cuson

Robin Mountjoy Robin Mountjoy is an award- winning producer, writer, actor, director, and song writer. He is originally from Kansas City, Missouri and had dreams that took him to New York City. Robin recently signed with Cinema Epoch for the distribution of two of his feature films, "Shower Frown" and "Quick to Duck," featuring Steve Guttenberg. In New York, Robin had a successful 26 show Off-Broadway run and now currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Fresh out of the studio, Robin just finished his album and has a third feature film on the way.

Robin Mountjoy

So tell me a little about your upcoming film, Quick to Duck?
Steve Guttenberg is featured as the gritty Micky Beans - cooking and booking for troubled youth at a group home where the only thing more disturbed than the patients may be the doctor. Dr. Stern, played by Andrew Harrington, desperately manipulates the system with twisted insurance fraud schemes to cover his gambling addiction and lust for teenage girls.

How many films have you made?
I have two features and two shorts so far.

You've also written and directed plays, how did you shift from plays to film?
The actors I worked with in New York wanted me to make the film. I have become friends with many of them and they have always supported me.

You recently moved to Hollywood, do you find it easier to get things done being in the hub of the film world?
I have realized it is harder to do plays here but, I am able to get many other things done faster and making great contacts along the way.

You write, produce, direct and act; do you find it difficult wearing so many hats?
Yeah, it can be very stressful but the payoff is rewarding.

Was your aim always to be a filmmaker?
No, music was my main thing. I have recently finished my album and you can see me perform at the House of Blues Sunset Strip where I have a residency.

You're also a musician, were you working in the music field before starting your career in films?
Since 96, I moved to New York from Kansas, worked my band and met people in the industry. A producer had a connection into the acting world.

Is it difficult balancing them both?
I had a little trouble doing both at the same time because I am using different sides of my personality. Now I am much more comfortable doing both.

Do you use your music in your films?
Oh yeah, it's a huge part of my films. I use everything from rock to blues.

Are you working on a new project?
I have a new script I have written called "The Guide." It's an action film featuring Steve Guttenberg and Daryl Hannah. I'm also working on a film project called "Celebrity Confessions."

If you could see into the future, where would you like to see you career in the next five years?
I would like to continue with my music career. Film wise, I would like to keep moving to bigger films and eventually build a studio in the city.

Keep an eye out for Robin's next feature films "The Guide." and "Celebrity Confessions. And, go out to the Sunset strip and see him perform. Robin has a busy year ahead of him and a tremendous amount of talent just waiting to be seen.

Hollywood, CA

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