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Amar Sidhu Produces and Stars in
The Black Russian

Having the courage to go after a dream is a hurdle in itself. Many stop at daydreaming. Many attempt to reason with themselves in deciding that the goal is simply impossible. Yet, select individuals release their inhibitions and "carpe diem." They believe in their passions, abilities and talents, using whatever resources they have to get even closer to the achievement. Amar Sidhu, who produced and starred in The Black Russian as well as in Aakhari Decision, decided to take himself up on the challenge and hasn't looked back.

Amar Sidhu - The Black Russian Amar confesses that he was interested in acting since he was "a kid." he felt compelled by this interest, but growing up in Seattle Washington, far from the world of entertainment, it seemed a stretch to him. Amar thought, "There are some things that are doable and some things that aren't." Hence he began to study medicine. Now, Amar sees himself primarily as an actor. With 2 action films under his belt, and a 3rd on its way, (much like his character in The Black Russian) Amar's world has been flipped upside-down. And, he wouldn't change it for anything.

Amar claims that his first film Aakhari Decision "came about through sheer will." He wanted to create his own project and act in a feature film. In 2008 Amar had the means to do it. Though inspired by Vince Vaughn, Sylvester Stallone, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and other self made stars, Amar knew it wouldn't be an easy road..."It was like fighting a guy you know is going to kick your ass," referring to his debut into the acting world. "I thought, 'I know people are going to tear me apart. But this is what I want to do, so prepare the beatdown.'" In result, the action film received a great deal of attention from the foreign film community.

Amar Sidhu Produces and Stars in The Black Russian

After his first movie, Amar wasn't ready to go back to his other life and forget his new-found love for filmmaking. So he began working on his next action film, "The Black Russian." Amar loves filming in the genre of suspense-action and finds the emotion of doing stunts "compelling." In all of his movies, Amar acts produces and plays a big part in developing the storyline. He is there every step of the way, creating the story while a trusted professional pens his concepts. The Black Russian is a film that Amar purposefully envisioned as a reflection of his own story. The film is about an attorney who has to decide to leave the life he knows in Los Angeles in order to rescue his estranged girlfriend. Amar admits to the comparison, "I built the character Collin. He is me." Amar hopes that those who watch the film will be encouraged "to do what they want to do, if the cause is worthy."

Winters Dream is soon to be his 3rd action flick. Amar has teamed up with Joey Curtis, one of the writers of Blue Valentine to create the concept of this post-apocalyptic film. It is set in subarctic climates with themes of evolution, natural selection, and class warfare, to name a few. Amar is excited, hopeful, and ready to go once again. He aims for his films and for his own story to be an inspiration to others. Like The Black Russian, Amar's message to his audience is "do what you are afraid to do." Amar Sidhu will continue in doing just that.

- Barbara Baker
Hollywood, CA

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