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Walk on Water Walk on Water

Starring: Lior Ashkenazi, Knut Berger, Carolina Peters

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This film comes from Israel and is a contemporary drama set between Tel Aviv and Berlin. Lior plays a Mossad secret agent on assignment to find an aging Nazi war criminal. This story is not about the past. It's about our current changing times and the fanatic hatred that keeps people killing people just because they may be a different race or religion.

As Lior tracks down the old Nazi, he poses as a tour guide for the man's freethinking grandchildren. The grandson is an openly gay teacher in Germany. The granddaughter, who lives in Tel Aviv, doesn't want anything to do with Germany's sorted past.

Even though the film has subtitles the story is so people involved and interesting that it's worth the extra reading effort. The director, Eytan Fox made sure that the background music helped to move the story along. "Walk on Water" walked right up to the Top of that Watery Hill.

Not Rated - Samuel Goldwyn Films

By Devra Hill

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Hollywood, CA

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