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Mail Order Wife Mail Order Wife

Starring: Andrew Gurland, Eugenia Yuan, Adrian Martinez

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This is filmed in documentary style but is actually a docudrama about men who look for wives in a mail order catalogue. In this story a white American man is interested in finding a wife from an assortment of Asian women. The matchmaking fee for this type of introduction is $6,500.

Adrian Martinez fits the stereotype of a guy who can't find an American woman because he is an overweight, unattractive loser. What he is hoping to find is a dumb, subservient housekeeper/sex slave willing to do whatever he wants. What he gets is a woman from Burma who is a lot smarter than he is.

The film is a satire of sexual politics that explores the lengths some men will go to for the companionship of an attractive woman. It's a dark comedy that shows just how horrifying, desperate and pathetic the search for companionship can be for these men.

The events are extreme examples of lust, betrayal and revenge There is one scene that would have us believe the Asian woman involved managed to film some of the sadistic episodes her husband put her through and then she managed to escape. Still it was interesting enough to make it Three Quarters Up the Hill.

Rated: R First Independent Pictures

By Devra Hill

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Hollywood, CA

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