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The World Without US The World Without US

Director: Mitch Anderson

The World Without US is a controversial, feature length documentary film that asks what the implications and consequences would be if the U.S. military withdrew from world affairs. From an isolationist nation at the end of World War One, the U.S. today has bases in over 90 countries. No other nation has been able to project military power as the U.S. does today. But is such an involvement sustainable? Despite its might, the U.S. is shrinking in terms of population and economic power in relation to the rest of the world.

First-time filmmaker Mitch Anderson asks, "What would happen should the United States abandon its present role in the international scene?" A Romanian immigrant, Anderson makes his directorial debut in this documentary that explores the question, "What if the U.S. military forces closed down their military bases around the world?" As an immigrant that fled Communist Romania for the American Dream, the United States' role in the world is a topic close to Mr. Anderson's heart.

To make this a unique and comprehensive documentary, Anderson traveled to 21 countries to find out what others think of America's military presence. Interviewing foreign affair experts and "ordinary citizens" from Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia, The World Without US explores this question by providing historical facts, real-life experiences, and reviewing the often invisible role that the U.S. military currently plays in their lives today.

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Hollywood, CA

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