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Anti Aging Therapy

There are a host of programs dedicated to keeping you looking young, thin and beautiful. Weight loss gurus and beauty specialists all seem to have the pill or program that will lead you to the fountain of youth. But what if the answer was not in cutting calories or injecting your cheeks with synthetic chemicals? What if an imbalance in hormones was the culprit? One of the leading experts who can answer this question is Dr. Judi Goldstone of the Southern California Center for Anti-Aging. Dr. Goldstone is on the forefront of a process called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Using cutting edge techniques, Dr. Goldstone helps her patients look and feel younger and stay thinner with the aid of bioidentical hormones.

Anti Aging Therapy - Dr. Judi Goldstone

Bioidentical hormones differ from their synthetic counterparts in that they are identical in molecular structure to hormones in the human body and are extracted from plants like yams or soy. Doctors like Judi Goldstone are leading the wave of hormone replacement therapists who are taking the more natural approach. Synthetic hormones have artificial structural changes and may even be extracted from horse urine. They have been known to create further complications like cancer or strokes. To avoid these potential ailments altogether, Dr. Goldstone creates individualized programs using bioidentical hormones to naturally normalize the hormonal balance of her patients. "My hormone replacement therapy involves checking your hormones to see what is missing and replacing that with bioidentical hormones."

There is no generic solution to any one person's hormonal imbalance. This is why Dr. Goldstone's approach is highly individualized. "With synthetics it's one size fits all. My therapy differs because I watch my patients; I check their symptoms and hormone levels. With this customized therapy we can combine things and make unique creams." Men and women can benefit from the treatment in a variety of forms. Bioidentical hormones most commonly come in creams, but the usage of pills, lozenges, ointments and injections can also be applied.

Many people don't know that the typical woes associated with aging such as weight gain or a loss in vitality and stamina are the result of hormone deficiencies. Symptoms in women are numerous. They include hot flashes, depression, brain fog, night sweats, insomnia, vaginal dryness and palpitations. Men experience decreased sex drive, lack of energy, poor recovery after workouts, and an inability to build muscle like they used to. Both sexes suffer from weight gain - a problem Dr. Goldstone commonly solves with her HCG program. HCG combines a low calorie diet with hormones naturally produced by the human placenta during pregnancy. It decreases hunger cravings and spares lean muscle when her patients on are on these diets.

Although Dr. Goldstone treats mainly women, she continues to have success in treating both men and women who average between the ages of 35 and 70. Her success stories are numerous. "I had a mother and daughter who took the program together. They lost 60 pounds and are keeping it off. They had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the beginning of diabetes. But that all went away..." Most people don't know how effective hormone therapy can be until they try it. Many men suffer from a testosterone deficiency, and go through a complete transformation once treated. Dr. Goldstone continues to be a pioneer in hormone replacement therapy after she initially tried it on herself with success. Her individualized programs are growing in popularity, and are offered through the Southern California Center for Anti-Aging in Torrance, CA.

- Chris Caplan

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