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The Science of Beauty

Dr. Harvey Jay is a dermatologist, a world renowned authority, and a researcher who has successfully treated thousands of patients at his dermatology practice in Manhattan, New York. A Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Weill-Cornell Medical College, and an Assistant Attending Dermatologist at The NY-Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Jay's highly celebrated Beauty Uplift procedures are some of the most innovative approaches to non-invasive skin tightening.

Dr. Harvey Jay - Dermatologist

How did you get into dermatology?

I was attracted to the field because I can truly impact people's lives. It still surprises me to this day what a profound impact you can have on a person's sense of well-being by making them look and feel better. You can make people's lives turn around. It's really gratifying.

What sets your care apart from other physicians?

My care is not unique. My care is endangered. The financial incentives of seeing many patients and spending less and less time with each patient is shifting the practice of medicine into mass production. Volume replaces quality. I and many other physicians, believe in personally treating each patient and spending the time and effort in getting to know them and their medical problems. I personally evaluate and treat each patient. I spend an average 30 minutes to several hours (when needed) on each patient visit. Hopefully, patients will appreciate this service and fight back against the strong forces that are working to destroy this quality medical care.

How has the field changed since you started?

The economics of medicine are being controlled by the government, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals. Doctors are being replaced by paraprofessionals such as physician assistants, nurse practitioners, etc. Patients, and we are all patients, need to take back control of their medical care. If you believe that your physician assistant or nurse practitioner is as good as your physician, then you should find another physician.

Demanding the best quality of care is best left in the hands of the patient who can experience the care of the physician. Allowing administrators to pay physicians by treatment codes and treatment protocols is like compelling a respected chef to follow a government cookbook recipe. Each practitioner is unique. Patients are best able to select their doctors. Having networks created by governmental, insurance company, or hospital bureaucrats - for financial and political reasons - will only weaken the quality of medical care.

Cheap is cheap. Mass production may work for factories, not for medical care.

What do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions about dermatology?

People do not realize what dermatologists can do better than any other specialty.

Skin rashes or skin problems are evaluated and treated earlier and better by dermatologists! Dermatologists have led the development of revolutionary cosmetic breakthroughs over the past 30 years. Lasers, and intense pulse light treatments for rosacea, ingrown hairs, unwanted hair, acne, dark spots, and leg veins are advances developed and refined by dermatologists. Radiofrequency and fractional treatments to tighten skin, repair scars and improve wrinkles have also been optimized by dermatologists. By understanding and treating only the skin, dermatologists have the greatest experience and knowledge in this area.

What are the most popular areas you treat?

The areas depend on the procedure:

A. Rosacea's redness, blood vessels, flushing and burning occur primarily on the cheeks and nose. Since 1995 I have treated them all with Ultimate Light℠ intense pulsed light.

B. Ingrown hairs and unwanted hairs occur primarily on the beard area, bikini area, armpits, as well as on the arms, legs, chest, and back. I have treated them with Ultimate Light℠ intense pulsed light in all 6 skin types painlessly and safely since 1996.

C. Wrinkles, loose skin, and depressed scars are most commonly treated on the face and neck with my Sublime Refresher Method℠ of radiofrequency (RF) with or without light.

D. Nasal styling which can straighten the tip of the nose and even the nostrils (if they are different sizes or uneven) is performed with the Sublime Refresher Method℠. Immediately and painlessly the changes can occur.

E. Upper and lower lips can be tightened and shaped, and lipstick lines can be dramatically improved. Jaw lines and chins are tightened and firmed. Upper and lower eyelids can be tightened, and eyebrows elevated. These are all accomplished with the Sublime Refresher Method℠.

Tell me about your Beauty Uplift procedures.

With our Beauty Uplift℠ we've seen profound long-term improvement in our patients. It includes the Ultimate Light Treatment and the Sublime Refresher℠.

I use an intense pulse light which is comprised of visible light coupled with infrared light where it not only can improve the redness and blood vessels, but also the flushing and burning feelings. It's exceptional for darker skin patients' unwanted and ingrown hair.

Next is the Sublime Refresher℠ which has two sections.

The first section is a combination of infrared light to heat the skin and radio frequency to tighten it. Basically, it provides immediate deep dermal tightening as it delivers light and energy into the deep dermis tightening existing collagen, and then producing new collagen over the next few weeks. The second section is done with radiofrequency energy which produces pinpoint holes in the skin. The healing process causes new cells to migrate and fill in depressed scars and wrinkles. This process produces new collagen tissue over approximately three weeks or more.

The second section is done with energy. We make pinpoint holes in the skin which causes new collagen cells to migrate and fill in depressed scars and wrinkles. This process makes new collagen tissue form within three weeks.

So these treatments are completely non-invasive?

Yes. The Beauty Uplift℠ procedures are all performed externally without the need for anesthetic or pain medication, and show immediate results that increase over time. This is due to the tightening of collagen and then the creation of new collagen.

Is the nose procedure non-invasive also?

Yes, externally we can shift the nose by millimeters. We can also change non-symmetrical faces by tightening one side of the face. We can even raise the corner of the eyebrows and alter the loose tissue in the upper eyelids to tighten and tuck it beneath the brow. This is to make more of the upper eyelids visible. We can also tighten tissue below the jaw.

Is there any downtime?

Downtime after these procedures is minimal or none; depending on the patient and treatment. Ultimate light intense pulsed light usually has no downtime. There is also no usual downtime with the deep dermal tightening part of the Sublime Refresher℠ Method.

However, the second part of the Sublime Refresher℠ which involves making the pinpoint holes in the skin can produce some slight downtime. Redness and the feeling of a slight sunburn can last usually for minutes or up to one or two days after treatment. The redness is usually covered by a tinted sunscreen application. On rare occasions the redness can last up to a week's time. I have never needed anesthetic or pain medication with any of my Beauty Uplift℠ patients.

How long does a procedure take?

It takes an hour or two. Duration depends on the amount of damage that needs to be treated. However, both doctor and patient can look in the mirror as the treatment is being performed and decide when to stop. The results are that immediate.

What's the science behind the Beauty Uplift?

When aging occurs the collagen and skin's elasticity is affected. To change that with Botox doctors have to paralyze muscles - but muscles aren't the issue. When fillers are used the fillers swell tissue - and thereby hide the wrinkles. Our ability to tighten the collagen and induce new collagen formation really addresses the cause of the problem. Our ability to affect collagen is exciting and there's a good indication that this treatment in more than cosmetic. An article published one year ago in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology noted that when you repair the epidermis and superficial dermis with the creation of new tissue you not only repair previously sun damaged skin, you also better repair the new damage that takes place every time you are exposed to the sun. This may lessen the development of precancerous lesions.

How long does it last?

We have been doing the procedure for over a year and our patients report no need to come back for more treatments as yet. We think this due to the fact that the collagen improves for several months. The new tissue is doing the work. I expect that the new tissue will age better than the old damaged tissue.

For more information about the Beauty Uplift℠ and Dr. Harvey Jay please visit

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