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Dr. John Day's Way of Natural Healing

In the pristine setting of Crestone, Colorado, surrounded by mountains and clear skies, Dr. John Day has established a special healing oasis, the Haelan LifeStream Center and Retreat. This Center serves as an eco-friendly retreat where Dr. Day teaches all aspects of health and well-being to those who come to reconnect with nature and learn the ways of natural healing. The Haelan LifeStream model is a hybrid evolution of his vast medical experience as a successful general surgeon and his lifelong interest and practice of holistic healing.

Dr. John Day's Way of Natural Healing

Patients find solace at the Haelan LifeStream Center knowing that they are offered an array of matured healing modalities which incorporate practices for one's life process in the areas of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Dr. Day offers his patients personalized treatments for the broad range of today's current ailments, as well as ongoing natural health maintenance. In a telephone interview I asked Dr. Day to describe his offering, and explain the journey that led him to create Haelan LifeStream.

How did you begin your medical journey?

I grew up in post WWII Alabama in a home where both parents were physicians. I naturally picked up physician cues from them. I would go on hospital rounds and house calls with my mother, and observe how she interrelated with patients. This was a rich experience because it informed me at an earlier and deeper level than medical school or surgical training. I once asked her if she had ever saved anyone's life, and she said "No, God does that." Those words stayed with me all through my life, and I trace the origins of my real healing journey back to this statement.

Describe the early phase of your medical career.

I went to medical school at Tulane in New Orleans and then did the early part of my surgical training in the Charity Hospital system throughout Louisiana. I finished the surgical residency training in Baltimore. The urban trauma surgery in these cities was an important early piece of my training because it taught me how to become a good surgeon quickly. In 1981 I came to Boulder, a recognized center for holistic health, where I began practicing as a general, vascular, and trauma surgeon. During this time I was also studying natural healing, holistic therapies, and spiritual paths. After surgeries, as my patients were recovering, I would have them access holistic practitioners who assisted with different dimensions of their health evolution.

What led you to develop the Haelan LifeStream Center?

In 2001 I stepped away from this busy twenty year practice in surgery because my partners did not understand or appreciate what I was offering my patients. They just wanted me to keep doing the surgery. My experience with breast cancer patients led me to develop the Haelan LifeStream model, which is based on healing from a heart based consciousness. With breast cancer patients I realized that they all had some heart based wounding which caused them to suffer significant unresolved grief, and then the resultant chaotic cellular growth pattern which subsequently developed. In order to help them heal past that grief and biochemistry I developed a model of six levels of study: nutrition, exercise, mental/emotional clarity, self-love, spiritual alignment, and vision work. This became the basis of the Haelan LifeStream model."

How would you describe the Center?

I established the Retreat Center in 2009 as a rental accommodation which is ideal for one or two people. It is a straw bale wall constructed, off-grid, solar powered home that is fully contained with its own alpine well water, gardening, and composting system. People who are interested in the eco-green movement can come here and start experiencing what it feels like to live sustainably.

You also refer to yourself as a "traiteur." Please explain this.

"The word "traiteur" is Cajun French for "healer" and so a traiteur is a healer in the Louisiana Cajun tradition of healing folklore. There are no specific guidelines for how traiteurs come to be, except one... they act as a channel conduit through which the gift of a healing energy is able to flow. I have embraced traiteur ways since learning about this healing form during my earlier days in Louisiana. My surgeon father was also from Louisiana and both parents were trained at Tulane. My family legacy of healing work originates in Louisiana and I identify with these origins. My role as a traiteur is not from a single specialty treatment niche, as is common with traiteurs, but is from a broad experience of medical, surgical, and natural healing experience.

You're in a rather remote area of Colorado. Do patients come to you from around the country?

I work with people from all over. The environment here is conducive to the healing process. Crestone is in a county which is the size of Rhode Island with not a stoplight in the whole county. One can gaze at the immensity of the Milky Way. This location puts people back in touch with their relationship to nature, and helps heal one's nature deficit disorder.

How long do patients generally stay at the Center for their treatment?

Usually it is a 3 to 4 day stay, but it can be longer, as clients may wish. Mornings are open for study, assimilation, and exploring the local area. The afternoon is for consultations. Consultation time usually totals 10-12 hours for the entire stay.

What do you think differentiates your Center from other healing centers?

There is the ecotourism aspect of being off-grid and in nature. I think the more attractive aspect is that my work at the Center is broadly based. I am not confined to any solitary narrowed consideration about a person's life. I can assist in the different areas that a patient wishes or needs to work on pertaining to body, mind, emotion, and spirit. The Haelan LifeStream model is about self-love, and is based on the development of a heart based consciousness, forgiveness, and non-judgment.

Despite the growing interest in natural medicine, Dr. Day's reasonable prices have not changed since 2001. He remains dedicated to his patients' personal growth and wellbeing. The Haelan LifeStream Center and Retreat offers you an exceptional opportunity to recharge your being and learn the ways of natural healing. To begin your personal journey and find out more about the Haelan LifeStream Center and Retreat please visit Dr. Day's website

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