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Author and Reality Dr. Stanton is Not Your Everyday Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills has long been lauded as the extravagant home of celebrities and the Angeleno elite. Reality television shows like "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" have popularized its glamorous culture, and placed a powerful spotlight on plastic surgery.

What's less known is that plastic surgery is gradually becoming a more affordable and mainstream procedure, and whenever someone needs a "lift" from a safe, professional and experienced doctor, they call Dr. Ryan Stanton of the Modern Institute of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Ryan Stanton is Not Your Everyday Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stanton is a fully credentialed, "board-certified" plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 15 years of experience. He performs a diverse range of procedures for his LA-based and international clientele, including specialized treatments such as Labiaplasty, Breast and Buttock Augmentation and Anti-Aging Nutrition and Medicine with Bio-identical Hormone Balancing.

Dr. Stanton has been featured on the The Doctors, Montel Williams, EXTRA, Discovery Channel, Women's Entertainment Network, CBS, Fox, KTLA News and Fitness. He is now being featured on the brand new TLC reality TV series about the wives of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, "Plastic Wives," which aired on January 27th. He's even the author of a new book on the little known procedure of Labiaplasty called, "Read My Lips...If Vaginas Could Talk."

Dr. Stanton didn't always think he would become a doctor. As a child, he always liked building and creating things. He spent countless hours in his garage fixing bikes, motorcycles and building go karts. As he grew older, he excelled in math and science. He attended pharmacy school, but fearing the "boring" pharmaceutical world, he soon after went to medical school, where he discovered plastic surgery. "I was always intrigued by beauty and tasteful looking things. I wanted to work with my hands, and plastic surgery seemed like the closest fit." Dr. Stanton counts his blessings as a doctor in the cosmetic surgery world. "Unlike any other doctor, I have the privilege of people wanting to see me. They want to enhance their look and their self-esteem. Most doctors have patients who have to see them."

Stanton is no stranger to reality television shows. When he was approached to be on "Plastic Wives," he was apprehensive, but he knew that his expertise could help add color to the conversation about plastic surgery. "It wasn't exactly what I imagined doing going through medical school, but in the end, I'm thankful that I can educate the public about what we really do." Overall, he believes reality shows about plastic surgery can help the industry because it boosts business and informs potential patients about procedures they may have previously been unaware of.

Alongside his passion for nutrition, which he implements through his Hormone Balancing Therapy, Dr. Stanton is developing a new weight loss formula to help patients lose weight without stimulants. He has also paired up with a computer engineer to create a novel skin care product with specialized, drinkable water ("Programmed Water") applied topically to improve the elastin and collagen in patients' skin.

Dr. Ryan Stanton's progressive approach to the cosmetic surgery world has garnered him national and international acclaim, as well as an extensive list of satisfied patients.

- Chris Caplan

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Hollywood, CA

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