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The Eyes Have It

It's said the eyes are the window to the soul. As a native of Morocco, Nadia Smith knows this firsthand: "In some cultures, eyes are the only part of a woman's face you can actually see," she explains. "In those worlds the eyes and lashes are so important."


Perhaps it was her upbringing that taught her what an important beauty statement the eyes can make. Smith, never satisfied with her natural lashes, tried mascara, extensions, and even prescriptions. When nothing quite worked, she took matters into her own hands; Envyderm Eyelash Growth Serum was the end result.

She did much research on her first beauty product, ensuring that there was no animal testing. It was also important to her that Envyderm was an all natural, safe, effective product. "Envyderm increases the eyelashes' keratin levels, thickening and elongating them," Smith explains.


When asked how Envyderm differs from LATISSE (another lash- extending product), Smith states that unlike Envyderm, LATISSE is a prescription product. Envyderm can also be used on both sets of lashes, while LATISSE is confined to the top. Envyderm can cost up to one-fifth the price, lasting up to six months when used only on top lashes and three when used on top and bottom.

Envyderm also cosmetically enhances while providing health benefits. By using peptide technology, organic oils, and other amino acids, the product moisturizes and conditions already existing lash oils.

Additionally, Envyderm is free of side effects, unlike other products that have been known to change iris color, darken lash lines, and cause hair growth outside lash lines.

The unique product is available on the company website, and Smith is working on placing it at retail locations. Ever the entrepreneur, she has two more beauty products in the works: nutrient-rich mascara and an eyebrow product. Smith laughs. "With beautiful eyes, you'll want beautiful eyebrows, too."

- Donna Letterse

For more information about Envyderm Eyelash Growth Serum, visit:

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Hollywood, CA

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