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Mary Winners Offers
Senior Solutions

By Donna Letterese

Mary Winners has devoted two decades to working in the healthcare industry. She started her own company ten years ago. Senior Solutions was born out of Winners' experiences helping her father after he suffered an aneurysm. He survived the incident, yet, the situation and his ultimate discharge became very complicated.

"I started thinking, if this is complicated and I know how to do this and I'm in the field - how are other families who don't know the system, insurance, etc. coping?" Winners reflects. "I decided it would be a fantastic service for other families to be able to rely on the expertise of someone who had done this hundreds of times."

Mary Winners - Senior Solutions

Winners' company focuses both on seniors in need, their families, and involved professionals such as social workers, guardians, etc. A huge piece of what Senior Solutions does is to advocate for those they work with, as well as their caregivers. "We aren't medical doctors, but we do go through a full psycho-social evaluation with the individual, finding out their history and who they are," Winners clarifies. "It's important to know the client as a person, so we can really tailor their treatment to them as a human being."

The evaluation also addresses issues such as medication, medical history, and various diagnoses, so that it is possible to determine how to proceed with helping the client. One problem that often comes up is when seniors are misdiagnosed with Dementia. Many people don't know that depression can also manifest itself as memory loss. Fortunately, this is an issue Senior Solutions is well versed in. The company is very familiar with how to put together plans to ease the situation when there are problems, and how to create some stability for seniors who are often dealing with a lot.

When Senior Solutions takes on a case, there is crucial paperwork at the beginning. The client and the company sign agreements to work with one another. Once Senior Solutions has been contracted, a HIPPA release is signed so they will be able to communicate clearly with the healthcare providers. In addition to traditional paperwork, Senior Solutions is using more and more technology to help the ease of these processes.

The main issues that Winners encounters are how to help maintain what the senior wants, to determine their financial situation, to keep their safety a priority, and (in some cases) to decide if the senior can still live at home. "The ideal care plan is like a ring of the three most important things: the desire of the senior, their safety, and their finances," Winners explains. "Ideally, we work to get these things into a sweet spot where they can cross over." While someone with more money technically has more choices, Senior Solutions still works to find other options for clients who aren't as well-off.

Mary Winners - Senior Solutions

"People need to prepare for their aging, because they sometimes think they have more time than they do," Winners notes. "It's not fun to have to plan in advance, but it is helpful-- if you even spend fifteen minutes to an hour, organizing your accounts, letting your loved ones know what to do in an emergency, and signing the right papers, it will save a lot of headache and heartache later on." She adds that too often people wait until there is a crisis before they take action, thus diminishing the potential options and increasing stress for the decision maker.

To help clients with the planning process, Winners came up with the GIFT acronym. G, stands for "Gather information and ideas for your plan;" I, stands for "Inform professionals of your wishes to start the plan;" F, stands for "Follow through with your plan to completion;" and T stands for "Tell your decision makers about your plan and where to access it."

In addition to all of her work at Senior Solutions, Winners is also a co-host on the local Pasadena news program, CCN Sunrise. A morning news program, CCN Sunrise airs to 15 million viewers in Southern California. Winners began as the Senior Solutions segment host and was ultimately asked to co-host the program. CCN Sunrise has something for everybody.

There's also a Cinema segment, an Art segment, a Beauty segment, and a variety of segments on the show. The show aims to reach out to everybody, bringing together interesting guests and presenters who invent, create, inform and debate current topics. The CCN Sunrise team aims to put a smile on their viewers' faces, early every morning.

In the future, Winners is excited that Senior Solutions is going to continue doing a great deal with technology. Being able to upload medical forms, communicate with doctors, and overall communicate issues via fax and email, helps empower seniors to stay independent, as well as be in contact with family members, near and far. Senior Solutions will even work to set up a sensor in a client's home, so if that client falls it will be tracked, and the family alerted. This especially helps reduce the worry for family members who do not live nearby.

Whether Senior Solutions is helping seniors in retirement communities, or those still living at home, the goal is to help them make connections, not self-isolate, and to get the most out of life, no matter where they are. Overall, Winners is excited to keep moving forward with the work her company is doing to help those in their retirement years enhance their lives.

To find out more about Mary Winners and Senior Solutions, visit:

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