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MitoQ May Be The Closest Real Thing To The Fountain of Youth

By Jana Ritter

With so many health and skincare products all claiming to be the ultimate solution to our ongoing quest for eternal youth, it's getting harder to distinguish between savvy marketing targeted at our own wishful thinking and the products that actually work or are even safe to use. What many people don't realize is that until recently, the science and medical community didn't even believe it was possible to reverse or slow the aging process.

But over the last decade, the United States National Institute of Aging has been conducting a multi-center, multi-million dollar, Interventions Testing Program, specifically focused on researching and evaluating compounds with the strongest potential to positively impact the aging process.

MitoQ Antioxidant

The NIA's research has revealed that many health conditions and the aging process is largely associated with damage to the body's mitochondria, which are simply the power source of our cells. Even better is that this mitochondria focused research has scientists now convinced that aging can in fact be reversed or slowed by formulas targeted at restoring mitochondria function and the NIA has selected a few exclusive products with the real potential to do so.

Among them is MitoQ, the world's first mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant formula that has caused quite a stir in the short time it has been available on the market. We had the opportunity to sit down with MitoQ's CEO, Greg Macpherson, during his recent visit to Los Angeles and he gave us the inside scoop on what looks to be an anti-aging breakthrough.

What convinced you to leave your career as a pharmacist and get on board with MitoQ?

Mitochondria is something I've been interested in for quite a while and although it was originally discovered over 100 years ago, scientists have only really begun to understand its function in the last ten-twenty years.

Not only do mitochondria power our cells, they determine how well our bodies grow, repair and fight off infection. In fact, researchers now link over 200 health conditions to mitochondrial dysfunction including diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease and more. MitoQ is the first product using today's cutting edge technology to effectively target mitochondria function and I jumped at the opportunity to get on board.

What are mitochondria exactly?

Mitochondria are bean-shaped organelles that float freely inside almost every cell in our body and are essential to calcium regulation, cell specialization, DNA and RNA production, cell growth, and also cell death. In other words, mitochondria are the batteries to our cells but they are also easily damaged and difficult to reach and recharge.

How did MitoQ become recognized as the breakthrough solution?

Scientists have only just discovered how vulnerable mitochondria are to free radical changes and environmental damage caused by things such as pollution, drugs, and toxins in the body. But they've also recently discovered that mitochondria damage can be reversed and performance enhanced by antioxidants such as coenzyme Q10. In fact, CoQ10 supplements have become extremely popular on the market but none of these products have been able to penetrate the membrane surrounding the most vital part of our cells.

Two top scientists at Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand finally discovered a special formulation able to pass through the complex structure of the mitochondrial membrane and deliver replenishing antioxidants into the mitochondria. MitoQ is the world's first mitochondria-targeted antioxidant and it's already proving to be much more effective at re-energizing our cells.

Who benefits most from MitoQ?

There are two types of people using MitoQ. The first group are those over age 40, who are generally healthy but seeing the first signs of aging in their energy levels and in their overall skin appearance. MitoQ offers both oral supplements and a skin serum that slows the natural aging process by improving mitochondrial function to keep the cells energized and reduce oxidative stress in the cell to slow damage.

The second group is individuals suffering from health conditions that relate to mitochondrial dysfunction. These are more common than we think and are related to age related issues with key organ health like the brain, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs. Many people with these conditions have benefited tremendously from using MitoQ and it's been humbling to hear their stories and realize we've been able to make such a positive impact on people's lives.

Customer feedback is usually the best way to get the truth about any product and it seems MitoQ is getting rave reviews all around.

In the last two years since MitoQ has been available on the market sales have pretty much been off the charts and much of that is due to on-line customer reviews. Aside from the success stories people have shared on our website, MitoQ has been getting mostly five star reviews on independent retail sites such as Amazon and it's also won best product for two consecutive years on, which is a website that only sells products recommended by consumers. MitoQ is also backed by a lot of research articles published on, so that also helps to establish our credibility as well.

MitoQ is also being well received by the science community, especially now that it's been selected for the NIA's exclusive research program.

We are extremely honored to have been selected for the ITP research. The NIA is highly regarded in the science and medical community and their research has already completely changed the thinking that the aging process cannot be reversed or slowed. It's a very difficult program to be accepted in with very high standards of evidence of effectiveness, so for MitoQ to be among the few products they've selected to evaluate speaks volumes in itself. Over the next 3 to 4 years the ITP will thoroughly evaluate MitoQ's ability to reverse or decelerate the aging process in many different aspects and we expect to see a very positive outcome.

How do you see MitoQ breaking new ground in the future?

Once MitoQ has completed the NIA's research program, it will likely warrant further scientific research and advance MitoQ to target all types of conditions associated with aging and mitochondrial dysfunction. We have just entered an incredible juncture of truly understanding the aging process and this will ultimately lead to more significant breakthroughs in helping people live younger for longer.

Where can people currently find MitoQ products in the United States?

MitoQ supplements and skin serum can be ordered directly from our website at and through a number of other websites such as,,, etc. Now that awareness about mitochondria research is spreading, a growing number of doctors and dermatologists are offering MitoQ products directly to their patients and we expect it will soon be available in select retail stores as well.

MitoQ offers supplements for general cell and organ health, as well as blood sugar capsules specifically formulated for people looking blood sugar support and heart capsules specifically for improving heart and circulatory health. MitoQ skin serum is also available and targets skin cells to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scars, brown spots and skin discoloration. It has also been shown to very effective at reducing the thinning of the skin that occurs with aging.

To find out more about MitoQ, its benefits and the latest scientific research on mitochondria and aging, go directly to the website:

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