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Ricardo Miranda Brings the Power of Acupuncture into the Spotlight

By Jana Ritter

Although acupuncture has been practiced for over 3000 years, modern science has only recently begun to fully understand the magnitude of its healing power. A number of new studies conducted by top scientists, hospitals, and medical research facilities from all over the world have not only validated acupuncture as a highly effective form of medicine, the findings have completely integrated acupuncturists into the medical community itself.

In fact, one recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine revealed that 51% of today's medical doctors now value acupuncture treatment for a wide range of conditions and refer patients to acupuncturists more than any other alternative care provider.

Ricardo Miranda Acupuncture

Ricardo Miranda (L.Ac) is the founder and lead practitioner of the Westside Acupuncture & Wellness Center based in Los Angeles and over the last 20 years, he has been at the forefront of integrating the best of both worlds in Eastern and Western medicine. Not only has he achieved remarkable success in treating infertility, menstrual issues, digestion and weight issues, pain, anxiety, depression and stress, Miranda's groundbreaking work in genetics and MTHFR has elevated his status to a world renowned practitioner changing our entire approach to modern science.

What inspired you to go into the field of acupuncture as opposed to traditional medicine?

Growing up in Brazil, I studied Chinese martial arts as a kid and that eventually triggered my interest in Chinese philosophy and medicine. I had actually moved to the United States to continue studying martial arts with a teacher I had followed from Brazil to Chicago and I had the intention of going on to China with him. But then I found out that I could study Chinese medicine in the US and that pretty much changed the entire course of my life. I moved to Los Angeles where the program was offered and I've been practicing here ever since I graduated in 1995.

What do you feel is the most common misconception about acupuncture and why is it suddenly being embraced by the Western medicine?

I think the most common misconception is that acupuncture is only good for treating pain and that it takes several treatments before patients can feel it work. The truth is, acupuncture can help the body in so many ways and when its done right, its powerful enough that the results are apparent even during the first treatment.

Twenty years ago, M.D.'s would never refer patients to acupuncturists, mainly because the medical community looks to scientific research and it wasn't until recently that a number of formal studies have shown the accuracy of acupuncture treatment. Now, every fertility clinic recommends acupuncture and all types of MD's are referring patients to me. Another significant change is that patients themselves are becoming more aware of alternative medicine and actively seeking drug free treatment alternatives.

You've become known for specializing in fertility treatment. How does acupuncture help couples to conceive?

Fertility is basically a numbers game and there have been numerous studies about the efficacy of acupuncture and fertility, especially with women who are going through IVF (in vitro fertilization). In fact, research has shown that acupuncture treatment helps increase fertility by 20-40% percent. I've also spent the last couple of years conducting my own research in Genetics/Epigenetics and MTHFR and how it's connected to many chronic conditions including infertility. This has given me a tremendous amount of insight on using acupuncture in conjunction with IVF and I've helped hundreds of women, many well into their 40s.

Ricardo Miranda Fertility

What is MTHFR exactly?

MTHFR is arguably the most important of all the genes in our body because it provides the most important fuel for methylation to occur. Methylation is the process that regulates the expressions of all other genes turning them on or off and MTHFR is the gene that turns the methylation process on. Basically, methylation is the engine that regulates our body and MTHFR is the ignition that turns that engine on, which means it has the most direct effect on the methylation process and our ability to turn disease genes on or off.

As of 2015, there have been more than 4,500 researches studying the MTHFR gene and how its been connected with many chronic conditions including cancer, multiple sclerosis, digestive problems, infertility, blood sugar issues, thyroid issues, anxiety and the list goes on.

How has this breakthrough in MTHFR and DNA science changed your approach to treating patients?

What I've been most excited about is that we now know DNA isn't our destiny. What that means is that even if someone has a family history of diabetes, heart conditions, etc., they don't have to resign to the probability of suffering the same fate. People can take charge of their quality of life and focus more on long-term preventative treatment rather than treating the symptoms of a condition after it has already developed.

As an acupuncturist who also specializes in genetics, Epigenetics and Methylation Imbalance Treatments, I've been able to take my practice to the next level and correct organ malfunctions and gene mutations for every individual patient and help them to achieve optimal, long-term health.

What should new patients expect during their first session with you?

Unlike many MD's and health practitioners, I don't ask questions about your health history or rely on your current symptoms to diagnose your situation. I practice the old school method of taking your pulse and listening to your body to assess what is wrong. Our pulse is the most valuable, accurate tool in getting to the root of any problem. Once I'm able to make that unbiased, initial assessment then I discuss your situation and together we map out an individualized treatment plan.

Of course the duration of treatment will depend on the individual's health going in, but most people can expect to feel it working even in the first session.

But I think the most important thing for people to know, is that I focus my approach on long-term solutions to correct the underlying cause of the symptoms so you eventually don't require any treatment at all.

Ricardo Miranda is a licensed acupuncturist with a Master's degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a specialization in Acupuncture Orthopedics from the American Acupuncture Academy. He is currently accepting new patients at his practice, Westside Acupuncture & Wellness Center located in Los Angeles, CA, and he also offers long distance consultations to patients located outside of the area.

To find out more about Ricardo Miranda and the Westside Acupuncture & Wellness Center, go directly to

To find out more about MTHFR and to get a list of other doctors specializing in MTHFR in states across the U.S., go to the official MTHFR website:

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