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Senté And Its Master Skincare Molecule

By: Tammi Lynne

Michael York is the new CEO of Senté, the makers of a medical grade, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free skincare product aptly named Senté Dermal Repair Cream. Recently York discussed the company's dynamic use of the master molecule heparan sulfate (HS) in their repair cream now enjoying exceptional reviews from dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners nationwide.

Finding itself among the rare group of elite cosmeceutical products that combine biotechnology with skincare, the dermal repair cream from Senté promotes fewer fine lines and wrinkles, speeds healing, reduces redness and improves the texture and firmness of skin through hydration and collagen expansion. Currently the only purveyor of HS, Senté brings

Sente Skincare

What attracted you to Senté?
I believed we could combine creativity with the rigors of science. Before coming on board with Senté, I spoke to several physicians who understood the benefits of the HS molecule and were excited by the potential use for it. Until recently, dermatologists lamented that there had not been a new molecule for skincare. As development progressed it became very easy to consider HS as the master molecule for skin repair.

So the master molecule is what makes Senté Dermal Repair Cream unique?
Yes, HS is the most biologically active of the glycoproteins that reside in human skin. It was first used in Europe to aid burns and wound care. Senté took the HS molecule and formulated it into a low weight molecular structure that could penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin. Because of it's biological activity, it provides profound hydration and smoothness by working from the inside out.

So the product is focused on regeneration, can it help with prevention?
In terms of prevention, we like to think of it as exceptional maintenance. It's predominately beneficial to repair and maintain the integrity of skin. With procedures like Botox injections, dermabrasion or chemical peels our product accelerates healing and reduces scaring. Bruises go away faster and so does redness and irritation because of it's ability to repair. This is all due to the high potential for hydration as the HS molecule enables growth factors to activate collagen in the skin.

Stem cell-based cosmeceutical products have been in the press does your product have stem cell-based regenerative compounds?
The product works in tangent with stem cells that have been stimulated in the body. Take laser procedures for example. Laser procedures stimulate the stem cells in the body and HS pulls the growth factors into the stimulated cells so collagen can be generated. It plumps the skin for added hydration.

Sente Skincare

How do you use the product and is it age specific?
Senté is suitable for all ages and skin types. Anyone can use the product at morning and at night on the face and neck. Due to its provided growth factors and collagen synthesis it can be worn under makeup for ongoing maintenance.

Are you developing other products?
Yes, we are as we leverage our wonderful marriage between the biotechnology and cosmeceutical experience. The benefits of HS can be applied to other parts of the body and to the face in other formulations. We're working to develop a product portfolio that includes SPF and products for the eyes and lips, etc.

Where do you see Senté going from here?
There's a lot of noise and claims that are made in the skincare field that are unsubstantiated. We want the community to understand the benefits of the HS molecule. These benefits are substantial for physicians and their patients as well as consumers.

To broaden the understanding we're currently building our infrastructure for operations and marketing. We're also speaking with partners in Europe, Asia and South America as we endeavor to expand globally. We're looking forward to providing benefits to people of all ages with this incredible master molecule.

Taking the possibilities of regenerative science to the marketplace Senté is currently scaling up its production capabilities with the help of its investors which are primarily biotech executives and scientists. The advanced cosmeceutical Senté Dermal Repair Cream is available at physician's offices nationwide. It is also available at

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Hollywood, CA

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