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See the Light. See Beautiful Skin.
It's as Easy as Flipping a Switch!

Are you ready to look 10 years younger? Space-age technology in an affordable package is available to help you get there. The SkinLift LIGHT system may be just the answer you've been looking for; it puts beautiful skin and anti-aging in the palm of your hand.

SkinLift Light - Gloria Martel Gloria Martel's SkinLift LIGHT® is for people who don't want expensive nips, tucks, Botox or Restylane. The affordable at home system delivers natural, high-tech skin rejuvenation with the flip of a switch.

Today 80% of visits to the Dermatologist are acne related. Many clients using the SkinLift LIGHT are able to stop a blemish before it ever breaks through the surface of the skin. Not only can the light reduce or eliminate current breakouts, but it can also prevent blemishes from forming in the first place. Teenagers and adults who have tried the SkinLift LIGHT reported visual results within the first week, and many within the first 24 hours!

SkinLift Light - Gloria Martel Women - and men - everywhere flock to cosmetic counters and doctors' offices to help them look younger. Baby boomers in particular are looking for new ways to look good longer. Besides living in a society that rewards people for looking young, they have other reasons for needing this help, such as competing for new jobs or looking for spouses. It's really about looking and feeling ageless. If you could look 10years younger in a short period of time, at a fraction of the cost of cosmetic procedures, wouldn't you want to?

The SkinLift LIGHT system isn't quick medicine or snake oil. It's based on NASA's LED (light-emitting diode) technology that naturally stimulates collagen growth. Indeed, the FDA has recently approved light exposure systems for the treatment of acne.

SkinLift Light - Gloria Martel Color light therapy has been around for a very long time. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used it for healing. In 1903, Dr. Niels Finsen, a Danish physician, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his use of red light to successfully treat both smallpox and tuberculosis. Albert Einstein's scientific theory on light energy paved the way for even greater medical and technological advances in the field. This new technology bloomed out of an old science. The SkinLift LIGHT system puts this technology into a device that fits into the palm of your hand. Use it 5 to15 minutes per day, sweeping the face, neck, hands, or arms, and watch the astounding results. It's a spa treatment in the comfort and privacy of your

Gloria's innovative SkinLift LIGHT uses five LEDs to supply a soothing light that penetrates the skin. The light stimulates production of collagen and elastin and increases blood and lymph circulation, giving cells extra energy to regenerate and repair themselves. There is no discomfort or downtime.

SkinLift Light - Gloria Martel The SkinLift LIGHT is ideal for all ages and complexions and incorporates only the beneficial spectrum of light to penetrate skin and stimulate cellular growth and regeneration. It contains none of the harmful effects of the sun. There is no chance of injury, and you can't do it wrong - the body uses only the amount of spectrum light it requires.

Gloria Martel, a former New York fashion model, has been a skin care expert for over thirty years and developed the SkinLift LIGHT while working as a licensed cosmetician and esthetician. Gloria worked with clients who had concerns about the aging process and the overall condition of their skin and, as a result, she refined and perfected The Martel Beauty System, a skincare firming system that acts as a lifestyle tool to help slow down the aging process.

The Martel Beauty System includes the SkinLift LIGHT, Gloria's workbook "Grow Young by Discovering the Cause of Each Wrinkle, and 10 Steps to Erase Them, "which helps clients identify daily lifestyle choices that accelerate the aging process, the Facial Exerciser tool, which aids in building facial muscles and prevents sagging, and the "Grow Young" Exercise Video (or DVD), which demonstrates 18 different facial exercises to help strengthen and lift facial and neck muscles.

You can visit Gloria's website at:

Grow Young - Gloria Martel "This is the Bible of Beauty."

P. Winslow

Beauty and skin care expert, Gloria Martel, has revised and made many additions to her popular book. Grow Young, Her new work has over 200 pages, with color illustrations and charts, offering tips, techniques and modern approaches to beauty and skin care.

This is a "must have" guide for every one who strives for the "perfect look."

For more information or ordering your personal copy,

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