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Skinny Jeans Workout DVD Wanting to reach a wider audience than she does working as personal trainer, Lisa G. developed her Skinny Jeans Workout DVD as a way to get people of all ages and genders into shape and eliminate excuses like, "I don't have time to exercise."

Lisa says, "The biggest excuse I hear is that everyone's schedule is so hectic that they don't have time to exercise. This is for moms, teenagers, men... people of all ages can do this DVD - no more excuses." In keeping with the all-important clock, Lisa promises to get people in shape in just one month, with minimal equipment, sticking to a healthy diet and complete one of the four Skinny Jeans routines daily. There is one for every time budget, just choose from one of the different 5 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute, or 45 minute routines available on the DVD.

The Skinny Jeans DVD is an advanced form of resistance training that incorporates balance, speed and mobility as well as cardiovascular and multi-joint exercises to bring your fitness to the next level. It targets your core muscles and both the upper and lower body to help you get back into those skinny jeans.

Having years of experience as a personal fitness trainer (even working with celebrities like Cheryl Tiegs), Lisa says that her top tip for maintaining a healthy body comes down to basic math: expend more calories than you consume. "Figure out your basal metabolic rate (BMR) - the number of calories your body needs just to exist. Once you have your final number, shave off 500 to figure out how to eat to lose a pound a week. I don't recommend going lower than 1200 calories a day."

In the future, Lisa G Brand will follow up this DVD with a fun and motivating workout for the rapidly rising 30% of kids that are overweight. Until then, you can own the Skinny Jeans Workout DVD for $19.99.

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Hollywood, CA

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