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Health and Fitness

SomaSport - A Better Class of Supplement

By Lucas Swift

When thinking of workout supplements, images often come to mind of over-grown jugs filled to the brim with protein powders and aggressive slogans coming from guys with more veins in their arms than roads on a map. Luckily SomaSport isn't that kind of supplement. In fact, Soma is what most of us actually want from supplements: a safe, natural, medically tested and approved that can give us that extra boost in the gym while helping us stay healthy and balanced.


Made from soy, SomaSport contains filtered out amino acids that upon digestion stimulates natural processes in the brain to boost energy and muscle growth when paired with exercise. Bold claims that some may doubt, yet when you look at the products track record it's hard not to wonder. Created by the SomaLife Company in 2002, SomaSport was originally a product called gHP Sport. Since then, it has undergone rigorous testing and even earned certification by NSF International for legal use by professional athletes. It had already been used by such names as Nick Swisher of the Yankees or Fred Funk of the PGA.

The product actually became a big deal in major league baseball locker rooms causing gHP Sport to even make its way to the minors. Unfortunately the certification process saddled the supplement with a major league price tag as well, creating a bit of a Moneyball disparity between professionals and amateur athletes. But much like Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, SomaLife decided they couldn't sit idly by and so produced SomaSport, the non-certified and therefore affordable version of gHP Sport.

What's best about SomaSport is that it's the exact same product that the professionals use. As representative Michael Cooper says, SomaSport is from the "same factory, same building, same batch," as it's certified counterpart. The only difference is that while being made, a portion of the product is put aside and removed from the process of certification. Medically and chemically nothing had been changed but the reduced price allows even recreational sports enthusiasts the chance to use it.

There is a reason behind this product's approachability; the people at SomaLife aren't just workout fanatics and bodybuilders. In fact, their original motivation involves the tragic loss of an older loved one by members of the company. After this, the couple approached SomaLife's scientist and asked if he could create a product to help people to live longer by making them healthier.

During this pursuit, that scientist discovered what has now become SomaSport. This is why the supplement has been reported as having many additional health benefits including improved REM sleep in men and better hormonal balance in women. But more importantly, this points to what SomaSport and all the other SomaLife products are all about: a well-rounded, healthy, and long life. SomaLife realizes that these are ultimately some of the major keys to a happy life.

They want as many people to experience that as possible. This well-meaning company offers the chance to anyone who is curious or even skeptical to go to their website at and request a free 10-day trial supply. They are confident that you'll love the way you feel.

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Hollywood, CA

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