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Plastic Surgery's State of the Art

By Justin Soliva

Based in Northern California, Stephen J. Ronan, M.D., proves that Beverly Hills is not the only place offering the latest in plastic surgery innovations. Known as one of the nation's premiere plastic surgeons, Dr. Ronan has been a pioneer in the field, helping make surgical procedures less invasive. Utilizing some of the newest technology is much more than a matter of flash for Dr. Ronan, but a means for him to genuinely improve his client's experience and outcomes.

Stephen J. Ronan, M.D. - Plastic Surgery

There are many preconceptions about plastic surgery that are prevalent in the media. However, Dr. Ronan is focused on results rather than hype. "People in the media love talking about the extremes...the 13 year old girl who got a boob job or the lady who is always getting a procedure, etc. The reality is that most people are normal that come in for procedures."

Despite the world's fascination with plastic surgery outliers, the fact of the matter is that plastic surgery helps transform lives. Dr. Ronan has performed surgery on children with cleft lips in Guatemala is a very real example of this. For Dr. Ronan, the satisfaction of improving a patient's quality of life is his primary goal. With this charge to improve those in his care, he strives to optimize his practice in all ways, receiving recent recognition for his methods in dealing with hair loss.

Although hair loss is typically associated with men, women are also susceptible to it in a lesser degree. Dr. Ronan is known for employing the latest hair transplantation surgery techniques, removing hair from the back of the head and transplanting it to the areas where there's thinning. According to Dr. Ronan, "when you start wondering if you're thinning, 50% of the hair is gone." For this procedure he takes single follicles, a less invasive and more effective method. There is no scalpel or sutures used.

Additionally, because it's not the traditional graft, where they remove a relatively larger patch of skin and hair, the patients endure less trauma and therefore a quicker recovery time. Patients return to work the next day. Typically, Dr. Ronan will use 5 to 10% from the donor area as to preserve the integrity of the donor area and produce results in the new area. With this new method, the transplants are treated with more care and are ultimately more likely to remain healthy and growing in the new position. Once healed, there is no evidence that you had the procedure, other than having more hair!

Stephen J. Ronan, M.D. - Blackhawk Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ronan has been utilizing an effective method in preserving the integrity of the transplant and to better the healing process. PRP or platelet rich plasma which has been used to help speed up the healing process in severe burn victims, is extracted from the patient's own blood to accelerate the healing properties. Dr. Ronan mixes PRP with other agents creating a sprayable gel that he uses as an adherent with hair grafts and facelifts. He takes extra care method wise to preserve the hair transplants in PHP to make the transplant process successful. The healing properties of PHP allow for swelling and overall discomfort for patients to be minimal.

Active in his community, Dr. Ronan has loyally coached high school football and lacrosse teams in his Blackhawk neighborhood. Seeing these teams to multiple championships shows the scope and range of Dr. Stephen's dedication to serving others effectively.

Dr Ronan's facility is considered one of the top in the West and has been showcased in several architecture magazines. Without waiver, Dr. Ronan's contribution to the community at large and those in his life with his mission as a surgeon has been fruitful.

Learn more about Dr. Ronan's practice at

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