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Anthony Buscaglia, and
The Clear Lens Movement

By Donna Letterese

When most people hear the phrase "Clear Lens," they think of the glasses brand. But for Anthony Buscaglia, it is the title of his podcast, as well as his way of life.

"The Clear Lens Movement originated to a time four years ago, when I was taking Clear Lens glasses, and I was passing them out in a kind and generous way," Buscaglia elaborates. "I gave out the glasses while giving people compliments, making sure the glasses were all able to be tracked, and it was possible to see where they went."

Anthony Buscaglia - The Clear Lens Movement

With the Clear Lens movement, and in all things, his main goal is to be a positive influence in the world. Concerning the mission of his identically named podcast, he works to interview guests that will also benefit anyone who listens. "I aim to feature those who can inspire and educate others to have a more fulfilling life," Buscaglia smiles. "I talk to professionals in health and wellness, psychology, leadership, and anyone with tremendous life experience."

The Clear Lens aspect of his work and brand name is a pun, as the phrase implies that one's frame of mind can be shifted. Passing out physical glasses themselves is a metaphor for Buscaglia's mission.

He can date his calling back to college, after studying psychology and realizing he wanted to help others make changes in their lives. "That had a huge impact on me," Buscaglia reflects. "Essentially, I learned that you can create a cycle at any given moment. Negative psychology loops where you make yourself upset, but if you can learn to spread positivity, you can loop that instead."

Overall, the cycle of life that Buscaglia works to create is one of positivity and kindness, versus negativity. His main project at the moment is generating more content for the podcast, working on more episodes, and also expanding by working on more PDFs and homework sheets, for people to download and work on in their own time. "For seven days, write down seven names of people you want to embark kindness upon, and set daily, weekly goals," Buscaglia suggests.

Simply saying hi and how are you to a friend or family member can really jumpstart somebody's day. "We are only as strong as the people around us," he notes. "It's so easy to forget to be kind to those around you, but it's so important to do that because they will have a direct impact on your life."

To find out more about the Clear Lens Movement and the podcast, please go to The site has the glasses, their tracking forms, and the podcast's link, available on Android and Iphone.

For more information, please contact Anthony Buscaglia at
Hollywood, CA

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