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Season Three on DVD

Grey's Anatomy Buena Vista Home Entertainment

While soapy and unrealistic [are they residents or interns?], Grey's Anatomy sucks me in a bit. I usually bail on the sometimes/often annoying program midway through the season so I saw about five episodes I had missed. The Seriously Extended addition falls flat. Watch Patrick Dempsey [a.k.a. McDreamy or the dude from Can't Buy Me Love] race cars; see an interview with Ellen Pompeo [Meredith Grey], in which you really do not discover anything very enlightening; see the hours of makeup to create Jane Doe; deleted scenes [and realize why they hit the cutting room floor]; favorite scenes which is pretty good but the only participants are the creators Shonda Rimes and another woman, Kate Walsh [who has her own spin-off this year], Chandra Wilson and Sara Ramirez. Where is everyone else? Oh and the outtakes-- the boring usually flub ups, laughs and making funny faces for the camera.

My friend watched 15 minutes of it and thought it ridiculous. There's a scene where someone refers to Christina [Sandra Oh] as a robot.

Friend: Why would they pick an Asian to be a robot?
Amy: You think that's stereotyping?
Friend: Oh yeah.
Amy: So much for color-blind casting [as the creators and actors of Grey's Anatomy are so proud].

Splattered within the cringe-inducing, mediocre and just outlandish moments are a few good lines.

Addison: I never though I'd end up alone.
Callie: You have not ended up anywhere.

Izzy to Meredith: Last night, I ate everything in the refrigerator including a tub of butter. There's no judgment here.

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