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When it comes to reaching an audience, social media has become a great equalizer. Still, whereas anyone can use sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter to promote themselves, few know how to maximize their web presence.

Social Media - Erica Rueschhoff

"Now is a golden opportunity," says Erica Rueschhoff, a successful social media expert. "The internet has given people a voice. There are many options, and utilizing them in the right way is important." According to Rueschhoff, thousands of artists, entrepreneurs, and companies want to gain coverage but don't have the bankroll to back up a traditional PR or marketing campaign. For many, getting exposure is imperative to success. Filmmakers, actors, models and musicians all need the public and decision makers to see them. They have to show why they're unique and have their talents - the goods - all laid out in a userfriendly format.

"Although many bands and actors have some web presence," Rueschhoff says, "often times the sites are relatively useless. Artists tend to make a page they think looks cool, without the idea of drawing web traffic as the foundation."

To be effective, an artist's web presence should not be just a list of talents and contact information. Rueschhoff teaches her clients the real benefit of using social media is in the relationship building. "Building relationships with people who are your fans and possible business connections is priceless," she explains. "It enables you to interact with the ideal people - people who are interested in you, the ones who can make you more successful."

An understanding of social media's capabilities is what Rueschhoff says most PR or marketing companies don't understand. It's the combination of social media with other forms of marketing that takes artists and entrepreneurs to another level. Traditional PR methods offer great advantages, but the combination of the two is the ideal marketing plan.

For her client, Ann Devere, founder of, Rueschhoff and her team optimized a scattered online presence, adding social media to traditional PR methods. Devere is now getting her powerful message in front of the people who need what she has to offer and she is growing her list of prospects and new clients.

Rueschhoff 's passion is to help artists and entrepreneurs find success. Her goal is to maximize opportunities for her clients, and she's good at it. So far, Rueschhoff 's success has derived solely from referrals, a testament to her methodology. Social media isn't a secret. How to gain the most from it isn't as obvious, which is where Erica Rueschhoff comes in. You aren't just another client; she and her team treat your success as their own.

- Kellen Merrill

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