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The Complete First Season on DVD

Ugly Betty Starring: America Ferrera, Eric Mabius, Vanessa Williams, Becki Newton, Michael Urie, Ashley Jensen, Rebecca Romijn

You're as dead on the outside as you are on the inside.
Mark to Wilhelmina

Set your TiVos now for season two of this Golden Globe winning series because it ends with a huge bang involving every storyline!

Ugly Betty is a snappy soap with bright colors and layered characters. It is not dull and completely predictable like Desperate Housewives. I do admit I stopped watching it last year because I wasn't caring that much about it but I have become a fan via the DVD set. It is a fantastic way to watch this show. Episode after episode without commercials really gets you into the colorful show.

Betty [America Ferrara] is the moral center in the superficial New York fashion world. She is reason and comfort amidst the gluttony, excess and desire. The true attraction to Betty and the show is that she is unapologetic for her awkwardness and she is happy just as she is; she does not want to change herself to fit her job and her new life. They must accommodate her.

America Ferrera [Real Women Have Curves] excels in her role as the sweetly naive, clusmy, socially inept, yet savvy Betty. She has everyone rooting for her. She wins more friends than enemies even with her fish-out-of-water position. She does her job very very well and she has a huge heart and means well even when she messes things up royally. It is often for her boss, Daniel [Eric Mabius], her playboy boss with a sweet side and softness for Betty. I adore actress Ashley Jensen [Extras] as Betty's sweet best friend Christina, who finds herself embroiled in a big mess that could easily jeopardize her career as a fashion designer. Vanessa Williams plays it to the hilt as the ultimate conniving Associate Editor, Wilhemina, at Mode magazine. Rebecca Romijn comes on later in the series as Daniel's former brother/now sister [becoming one of the sexiest transsexuals on TV after Nip/Tuck's Famke Janssen]. Mark [Michael Urie] and Amanda [Becki Newton], provide the snark and the humor, always needed in this often hypocritical world of fashion. They have a funny, special bond and the one-liners are priceless!

What fun they are on this show. Betty's family, centered by her father Ignacio [Tony Plana] supports Betty and her challenges and her goals. Sister Hilda [Ana Ortiz], screams New Jersey with her big hair and long nails and the accent, but she often gives Betty the best advice. She has had more careers than anyone and seems wayward compared to Betty ["I hate this house. I'm so outta here when I'm 40."], and Betty's adorable pre-teen nephew Justin [Marc Indelicato] is a priceless scene stealer with all his enthusiasm, pizzazz and knowledge of everything from Broadway to fashion designers to Martha Stewart, Oprah and Rachael Ray.

Often over the top. Ugly Betty is a fantastic weekly escape. Sure there are som idiosyncracies and predictable moments but the snappy, smart writing, its color blind casting and storylines [Gray's Anatomy has nothing on this show there] and often touching moments make this series unique and special. There are plots to overtake the helm at Mode, Illegal aliens, mystery love dens, mysterious affairs, slight misses with potential suitors, drugs, drunken confessions and more-- it is an equal opportunity offender. Ugly Betty has plenty of twists and turns and highs and lows and is over the top in a gleeful, exciting way just like any really great Latin novella.

Extras: Becoming Ugly-- how the season got developed [based on a Columbian novella of the same name] and some uneventful bloopers

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Hollywood, CA

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