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Akshara Band: Akshara

AKSHARA is an awesome LA based band that's really making soundwaves at every club and gig where they've performed. Rockers are digging their incredible original work. The group's name, Akshara, is defined as a basic unit of sound. And, these four talented men live up to their name.

Their explosive tension is a push and pull between multi-platinum rock bands. They have a sound of their own with influences ranging from Guns 'n Roses, Metallica, Megadeath and Pantera. Their music is owed to the vastly unique style of Guitarist Draino and Vocalist Paul Kenny. Blazing guitar riffs and vocals that give Chris Cornell a run for his money.

Being at an Akshara show you can't help to notice their thundering rhythm section. Dave's bass will keep your chest beating along with Bret's percussive drumming the quartet breeds new life into rock when most other music now is sounding similar. The haunting chorus of their single "My Suicide" has you singing it over and over. This band is the present and future - something you don't want to miss and be in on.

Alex Zampi/Photography by Scott Mitchell

Check them out, read what the listeners are saying, leave messages and listen to Akshara's music at

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Hollywood, CA

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