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Some industry professionals call him a super music producer. Gelow's eclectic background allows him to create a personal sound of his own, where he unites vastly different music types that come together with a groove like no other. He delivers an impressive catalog of Hip-hop, R&B and Pop, making his signature sound production distinctively stand out. Performers say that he brings "heart and soul" to the production and inspires each artist to reach further than their own expectations. His unique ability and imagination allow him to pull the very best from every individual artist. Gelow's versatility proves that he is a music producer who is continually evolving. He reports that he is pro-active with the changes and restructuring of the record industry and, as a result, these changes have helped him define his own success.

Gelow We caught up with Gelow in his new downtown Los Angeles location, Westbound Studios at Tatou Nightclub, where he told us, "I decided to expand my Hollywood recording studio after I saw the new Tatou venue. I knew immediately that it was ideal for what I wanted. In addition to recording, there is an option to produce concerts and showcases since the main room holds about 1200 people. The combination of having a recording studio and a performance venue under one roof is working out pretty well. Since the venue opened two years ago, there's been an array of different performers, including the Black Eyed Peas, 2 Live Crew and Tank. Also, DJ's such as Lunacy, Demo and DJ Iggy to name just a few".

In the last six months, projects that have emerged from the new studio included the music for Latin rapper Ronin Gray's recently released album, Rize to Power, really on the cutting edge. Gelow is also working with artist's manager Jeff Gordon and the Slam Girls, who are using sports influenced lyrics. Gelow told us, "The girls are fresh and are in high demand in the market." Also the music, for Kevin Casey's video "Surrender". Casey is a Rickson Gracie Academy MMA instructor, fighter, and Rapper. The TMZ release of Casey's music video this week has initiated hundreds of thousands of hits in a few days. Although his passion is primarily for urban music, a notable project that establishes Gelow's versatility is in co-producing with his brother Draino, lead guitarist of the powerful four-member, hard rock band, AKSHARA. Gelow is producing the vocal tracks for lead singer, Luke Carccioli (formerly of Adema) and delivers a powerful production that shows the vast range of this producer's capabilities.

As we walk with him through the club to the recording studio he explains he has begun to work with Omar Iceman Shariff. "Iceman" is linked with E 1 Entertainment (formerly Koch Distribution) and the new association will enable Gelow to further grow his services and music production company. There is a relaxed super power about Gelow. He speaks with passion and claims that, "Although technical precision is beneficial when editing, machine-like perfection can result in stoic, unemotional recordings. It is important that I capture the artist's most emotive performances. By understanding all mediums (both digital and analog) and experimenting, I can create the sounds desired," he said. "The digital delivery of music now opens up a whole lot of possibilities for the producer and artists. I have a never ending passion for music and it's a great time to be a part of the music world."

- Monica Matulich

For more visit:
Studio 310 985 5509

Photo Pictured (top-bottom, l-r) Gelow at WESTBOUND STUDIOS @ Tatou, Tatou's main room, Gelow and DJ Capri, Gelow and Hip Hop artist Tank, Lounge at Tatou, Latin HIp artist Ronin and Gelow, Warren G and Gelow

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Hollywood, CA

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