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Green Guitar Picks
David Harbaugh is excited to rehabilitate the planet. As the founder of Green Guitar Picks, he has married his passion for music to his resolve to save the environment through this project that "spins music into music."

Harbaugh is largely known as a guitarist and a personal manager. However, he has also owned a coffee shop, a sports memorabilia company (with an online store still in operation), and even worked as a series 6 broker for a Century City Mutual Funds company. Ultimately, he decided to focus on music. Three months into a program at SAE Institute, he realized it wasn't the right fit. Luckily, he found the perfect job at Koffeehouse Music Productions. An L.A. based Production Company; Koffeehouse gives aspiring musicians the means to share their talents at various local venues. Harbaugh loves his work there, and it has greatly helped his new business endeavor.

Green Guitar Picks came about almost by accident. One day, Harbaugh couldn't find his guitar pick. He had a scratched vinyl record nearby. Thinking quickly, he cut a pick from it-and had an epiphany. Harbaugh laughs, "Who wouldn't want to use a pick that had once been a record?" He began to cut and bevel his own picks. Friends wanted to know where they came from. A friend that knew someone over at Amoeba Records gave him 300 records that would otherwise have gone to waste. Harbaugh emphasizes that Green Guitar Picks only uses records that will be discarded, shooting out some statistics: "2.9 million records were produced last year. Only 1.5 records were sold. Where did they go?"

Particularly after seeing the Ian Connacher documentary, "Addicted to Plastic," Harbaugh realizes how timely Green Guitar Picks is. "Nurtles," plastic pellets in the ocean ingested by fish, are ultimately consumed by humans. Harbaugh aims to partner up with environmental nonprofits and to "push the envelope" as to what materials can be used. Notably, all packaging for Green Guitar Picks products is going to be green.

Harbaugh also realizes the importance of the market: "There are limited edition picks for almost anyone you can think of. We're planning on creating signature series of green guitar picks with top artists who want to help promote the use of green products. " This will also serve those primarily interested in collecting memorabilia. Harbaugh is happy to state that one of his own clients is using the picks: Swedish musician Jamie Meyer, awarded best Singer/Songwriter at the 2008 L.A. Music Awards. Harbaugh believes that the involvement of artists is crucial, because it gets the message out: "According to Google, the U.S. has 20 million guitar players, with 50 million worldwide. That's a lot of voices." Although Green Guitar Picks came about by chance, it has given Harbaugh new purpose.

- Donna Letterese

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