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Lauren "Hildy" Hildebrandt's debut full-length CD project "Not Really a Waitress" from Red Wallet Records is officially released! Hildy's "Not Really a Waitress" is a heaping twelve-song album serving up a multi-course meal of eclectic pop, R&B, dance and even a little rock. The Senate, a Grammy® nominated, Los Angeles based production team produced the collection of songs for Hildebrandt. Lead by Devine Evans, The Senate has also produced for the likes of Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige. Bloggers and music industry tastemakers are eating up the first single "BOYSHORTS" and offering a high praise for Hildebrandt's debut studio album.

Lauren Hildebrandt The Billboard charting songstress Hildebrandt, penned about half of the tracks on "Not Really a Waitress" with The Senate. The full-length CD expresses her own coming-of-age story regarding dating, break-up, heartache and life in Hollywood.

"Writing on 'Not Really a Waitress' was a learning process, which proved to be so liberating for me as an artist," states Hildebrandt. "I was so fortunate to work with The Senate - an amazing team that really pushed me to take risks and unleash my private feelings and emotions into words and song. Many of the lyrics on the album are incredibly personal and I hope, relatable."

Lauren Hildebrandt first rose to celebrity when she competed on Debbie Allen's triple-threat reality series "Fame." Hildy made it all the way to the top-twelve appearing on national television week-after-week. She went on to make a huge splash in the dance world with her debut single titled "Burnin' Out," which hit #5 on the Billboard club play chart and led to a coveted nomination as "Best New Dance Artist" in 2006 against Rihanna and Cascada at the International Dance Music Awards. Soon after, Lauren released the Top 20 Billboard club hits "Dance With You" and "My Life Again" in succession.

This month marks the unveiling of Hildy's new steamy-hot music video for "BOYSHORTS" on YouTube, directed by Andrew Will. The sassy and sexy "BOYSHORTS," which is already playing on radio and in clubs across the U.S., delivers a fresh mainstream pop/dance edge. The single will also be released and promoted in Europe within the next few weeks. The "BOYSHORTS" single and complete remix package are currently available at for purchase. Also check out iTunes and to purchase the full-length album "Not Really a Waitress."

- James Gurri

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