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A discussion with Pulse Now! executive Jason Rosenberg

Explain what Pulse Now! is about.
Pulse Now! is currently established as the USA's Leading Digital Satellite and Internet based radio station playing only the very best independent music and new artists from around the world. The Pulse Global Ltd., Radio Network consists of Pulse Unsigned, broadcasting from the UK and Pulse Now! in North America.

Pulse Now! What is unique about Pulse Now! Radio?
Jason: We play music globally on the radio! None of theses other sites play the music they are selling. Also, the problem is that new music needs assistant in order to break into the industry. Most recording companies have strict policies against accepting unsolicited demos and other materials. "Their" music is created to be saleable and recording companies can only assume these sales if a new artist fits within what that recording company thinks is its established markets. The result is a market dominated by manufactured acts.

What can Pulse Now! do about this issue?
The mold needs to be broken by demonstrating either that existing unsigned artists fit their guidelines or then prove that new music created outside of those guidelines can be saleable. Every week Pulse Now! receives a large amount of new material from unsigned talent across the globe. What we believe to be the very best of this material is added to genre specific broadcasts and exceptional material is also added to our main playlist broadcast on the internet and via satellite.

What makes Pulse Now! unique?
As the only radio station broadcasting new music internationally on both digital satellite and the Internet, Pulse Now! offers the most extensive and unique platform available to new or independent musicians looking to be heard by the widest possible audience.

How does this help out unsigned artists?
Feedback is received from listeners via the voting system on our Pulse Now! website. The top ten acts each month are featured on the homepage and on our free promotional discs. This provides the artist potential valuable exposure to both the public and to the industry.

How do you afford to keep it all FREE for the artists?
Well, this is the hard part, but also the most important. We have created a Music Community and Resource Guide for all of the musicians that we play in our radio rotation. We contact businesses that provide topnotch, quality work for our independent artists and invite them to join our community. This gives our artists a guide of businesses that will work with them as independent artists and they know they can trust our businesses to provide the best service for their money.

Is it free for businesses?
Heck NO!! I am kidding, but we work our butts off to promote our Indie businesses. So, in actuality, there is definitely a small fee to join our Music Community, but we offer them a profile on our radio station and provide them with the perfect market to promote their services to. The businesses that support us have an extensive amount of valuable resources right at their fingertips. They can use all of the valuable resources we provide on our web-site to promote their business. We are only interested in working with businesses that get it! By this, I mean people who are excited about the new music revolution. We are very selective with the businesses that we choose to include in our A-Z Business Guide because we know we will send them a lot of business. We want to be sure they represent Pulse Now! Radio with the same high regard that we would offer to our artists.

What exactly do you mean by music revolution?
Well, we all know how much the music industry has had to change and adapt due to new technology and advances. Here at Pulse Now! Radio we are on the cutting edge of this technology and will be a strong force via the internet and satellite for promoting and selling independent music for the artists. It just goes to show that the people can still own and control their music and their business.

Who uses Pulse Now! Radio?
Pulse Now! listeners are musically disenfranchised, alternative, confident, independent and intelligent. A very large portion of our Pulse listeners are musicians or are involved in the music industry to some degree. They listen because they enjoy a varied mix of original music. If they are in the industry, they listen because it is in their best interest to hear the new work by unsigned artists.

Our internet radio station airs a non-stop stream of new and independent music sent to us by an ever-growing number of bands worldwide. It is fast becoming the first port of call for music enthusiasts, musicians and industry insiders looking for new or undiscovered acts.

The launch of our UK Sky Digital broadcast on Channel 905 last year, made Pulse instantly attainable to an additional six million homes in the UK and Europe.

What should an unsigned artist do to get their music on your station?
Artists who wish to send in their music need to read the submission contract that is available at our website, Look under the icon for Submit Your Music. The pages of the Music Submission Pack should contain all the information you need for submission of music to us. Other questions can be emailed to us at


JASON ROSENBERG, a New York native, made the transcontinental migration to LA like many before him. While in New York he cut his teeth in the music business by working at Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village and Putumayo World Music where he rose quickly and ultimately was in charge of their West Coast field operations. "Pulse gives me the opportunity to help reshape the face of radio at an exciting time in the industry. The emergence of Satellite Radio gives the listener a wide array of music and information which by the old system would never see the light of day. We aspire to be the voice for independent music as we forge ahead in the renaissance of radio." In addition to running the day to day operations of Pulse Now! Jason enjoys playing guitar and Yankee baseball.

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Hollywood, CA

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