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Band: Los Straitjackets
Album: "Twist Party!!!"
By Neil Greenwood

With the sound of surf rock gods The Ventures, the inspiration of Chubby Checker, and the look of Lucha Libre come Los Straitjackets and The World Famous Pontani Sisters with Kaiser George with the new era of twist music. Twist music is known for its fun dance moves, upbeat rhythm, and fun workout. With the help of a new CD/DVD combo featuring The World Famous Pontani Sisters who demonstrate fun new twist moves, comes the Twist Party!!!

Los Straitjackets were formed in the early '90s, when Danny Amis spotted fellow guitarist Eddie Angel in a Nashville club playing a Link Wray cover and formed a band called The Straitjackets. Their music compiled their love for early instrumental surf groups like the Ventures and the Shadows. Not until after band member Danny Amis returned from a trip to Mexico City in 1994 with Lucha Libre masks did they become Los Straitjackets. The decision was made only minutes before the band was scheduled to go on stage.

Los Straitjackets

Los Straitjackets have appeared on the early days of The Late Night with Conan O'Brian Show and have toured with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Their music has also been featured in hit children's shows like Jimmy Neutron, Harriet the Spy, and movies like Two Days in the Valley and Meet the Parents. Their biggest movie spot to date was appearing in the horror-beach movie parody, Psycho Beach party.

Their unique music style has captured the fan base of celebrities such as Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Trantino, Jackson Browne, Rob Zombie, Jeff Foxworthy, Dennis Rodman, and Jimmy Buffett.

Set to be released on October 3rd is the band's seventh album, Twist Party!!! The CD is accompanied by an instructional dance DVD featuring the moves of The World Famous Pontani Sisters. The DVD demonstrates a series of dance crazes like the "Daddy-O" and the "Kitty Kat." Angie, Tara and Helen Pontani don their remarkable rhinestone-studded wardrobe to walk you through all the moves and help you burn calories at the same time.

The Pontani Sisters bring back a dance craze that was made popular by Chubby Checker with number one hit "The Twist" in August of 1960. Checker's song was designed to introduce the concept of dancing off of the beat and being able to dance freely. Checker had to demonstrate the new dance moves as the Pontani Sisters do on the new DVD.

The CD boasts 13 original songs, featuring vocals by their choreographer-turned-singer Kaiser George, and covers of of Robert Parker's "Twistin' in Space," Fats Domino's "Domino Twist" and Joey Dee's "Peppermint Twist."

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Hollywood, CA

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