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She was born in Kuwait, the daughter of a successful businessman. Her mother, a doctor, was known to dedicate her knowledge and services to those who were in need and less fortunate worldwide.

Aida Angelini

As a child, Aida was fascinated with music and, after taking lessons from professionals, she mastered many instruments and performed for events in her homeland. As she grew older, she began to participate in sports such as soccer, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and karate. And, at the same time, she was studying dancing, singing and acting.

Now, even after earning a Master's degree in Business Administration, Aida still loves to act and perform at special events as well as participating in sports. (She has won five Gold medals in Taekwondo championships and loves to race motorcycles and cars.)

Aida has been seen in many live concerts and on TV. Like her mother, she donates a great portion of her time and talent performing at local hospitals and rest homes. Oh, by the way, she is one of Orange County's top real estate and mortgage financing producers!

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Hollywood, CA

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