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Malena Many Dark Goddesses have been in Hollywood. First there was Vampira, then Mortisha, Lilly Munster, and, of course, Elvira. But each of these actresses were playing a role. With Malena, the persona is real. She IS the character she plays. Malena is the Millennial Mortisha. From the Porcelain skin busting from velvet seams, to the yards of raven hair and the haunted house too! No wigs, or make-up needed. There hasn't been a body like that in Hollywood since Jayne Mansfield. But the Magic of Malena isn't just skin deep. We found out what Malena does for a living when she isn't working on a film. She's an "intuitive" or more commonly put, a psychic. She lives this surreal life of talking to the dead, and reading people's emotions. When you speak to her you know it isn't a show, which is even a bigger turn on. That's why she has such appeal and charm.

When asked her about the filming of Fox's 13 Nights of Fright, she said, "The set looked very much like my house which put me at ease immediately. Neil Gaiman and I got along great. He's so brilliant. When I spoke to him, I felt like a "valley girl." I mean, what do you say when speaking to such a brilliant mind? I tried to just listen and not act like a fan. We had such a good time. Joe and Neil let me improvise on many of the shots. I was granted a lot of creative freedom for which I am grateful. Instead of just walking up and opening the casket, I'd caress it and puullll it open slowly. I was worried about hearing, 'CUT! You can't do that!' but that didn't happen. They let me be crazy.

Every outfit I wore was a real gamble. I pushed the cleavage level to the limit. I even had to stand a certain way to make sure some part of me wouldn't pop out! We shall soon see! My favorite part of filming was when I got to lay in the casket. I felt like a gothic snow white. I'm here to tell you, if you plan to be buried when you's lush baby. Everyone got along so well that the 13 hour days flew by."

Malena At the same time they were filming "13 Nights," John Hudgens was there to interview Neil for his documentary on Horror Hosts called American Scary. Malena continues "I was honored to be on the same tape as Maila Nurmi (Vampira).

I was very lucky. And all this started out as a modeling gig where I was supposed to just walk across the room."


Editor's Note: Watch for Malena's column coming early next year.

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Hollywood, CA

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