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By: Sarah Kelly

During the course of the 2008 U.S. Presidential primary election season - one of the most hotly contested in recent memory - the multitude of different polling results reported by various news organizations have often been confusing and inconsistent. Not only does the inconsistency among various pollsters' results make polling data difficult to rely on, it has also led to a certain degree of inaccuracy in predicting the outcome of recent Presidential primary elections.

The website aims to demystify the polling process by providing in-depth analysis of a variety of different polls and exposing potential flaws in pollsters' methodologies. Proloy - Demystify The Polling Process Proloy Bhatta, a self-described political junkie with an MS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA, created in order to provide the voting public with a comprehensive and unbiased source of polling information. According to Bhatta, many voters get their news from only one source, and depending on which poll or polls that news source reports, the viewer's opinion of a political race will be influenced. In order to avoid this type of voter bias, not only reports a wide variety of Presidential, House, State and Gubernatorial polls, it also offers articles that critically examine the results of these polls and illuminate how the polls' results may potentially be flawed.

With regard to the current U.S. Presidential primary elections, Bhatta explains that one of the reasons why certain polls have not accurately predicted election results is because of flaws in the pollsters' voting samples. In this particular election season, voter demographics such as age, sex, race and religious affiliation have had a significant impact on a voter's choice of candidate, and many pollsters have used voter samples that under polled certain key demographics, leaving the polling results to be unrepresentative of the electorate. averages about 500,000 visits a month, with a record number of 1.2 million hits recorded in the month leading up to the Super Tuesday primary elections last February. Bhatta hopes that voters who visit his site will be able to use the analysis they find there to look at polling data from an objective standpoint. He asserts, "don't wait for a poll to tell [you] how to feel or how to vote." According to Bhatta, all voters should simply "vote their conscience."

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