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Whether you are a Hollywood celebrity or not and own a dog or cat, it's important that you maintain the animal's good health checked by a vet on a regular basis. And, do not overlook its need for grooming as well. Matted or dirty fur can lead to a variety of skin diseases and unkempt claws that become in grown are painful for your "best friend."

Since many veterinarian facilities do not offer grooming services, finding an experienced professional groomer is not always easy. But, here is one who will come to your home or, pick up your pet and deliver it back to you later in the day after being pampered - bathed, its fur precisely trimmed or cut and the claws pedicured.

Verona Bravo Pet Grooming

Verona Bravo is the ultimate pet groomer. Her regular clients highly respect her expertise and recognize her intense passion in providing for each pet's individual needs. She has over twenty years working as a grooming specialist providing her services since 1995.

Verona holds many certificates from organizations such as the Southern California Pet Groomers Association, and is even certified as a trainer by the Animal Behavior College. And, since she began this career, she is active in the Animal Rescue Service. She even provides her own home as a residence for several "rescued" dogs and cats!

When Verona was asked about her heartfelt dedication to working with animals, she replied, "Since I can remember, I have had a love of animals and my passion is to save the animals that are abandoned or abused."

Verona Bravo Pet Grooming

Verona maintains her professional status by knowing everything current in pet grooming by checking out new products and keeping up-to-date with grooming techniques and styles for various breeds of dogs and cats. (Many of her clients have had her apply color on their pet's fur.) She has even been welcomed to the back-stage grooming area at New York's Westminster Dog Show talking shop with those who groom and train the championship's entrants.

All said, your pet deserves some time with Verona.

Verona Bravo Pet Grooming

For an appointment, call (323) 214-5856.

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Hollywood, CA

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